For immediate release 2016-04-20

Alison Foxall
Libertarian Party of Florida
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The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) Welcomes Newly Elected Executive Committee Members
Executive Committee Members were elected at the Annual LPF State Convention

On Sunday, April 17th, Executive Committee members gathered for their first meeting for the 2016-2017 year after being elected the week prior at the Annual LPF State Convention.

The Annual LPF State Convention was the most attended ever, having about 160 registered attendees, and 126 registered delegates. Membership is up 16% statewide from last year’s convention.

The current Secretary, Suzanne Gilmore, ran for re-election and won unopposed, as did the Treasurer, James Morris, also winning unopposed. Russ Wood, was elected to Director at Large 2. The results are as follows for the Regional Representatives: James Campbell, Region 1; Anna Marie Morris, Region 2; Joshua Folsom, Region 3; Ryan Ramsey, Region 4; James Chipman, Region 5; Region 6 is presently vacant; Robert Schlotman, Region 7; Stacey Selleck, Region 8; George Lebovitz, Region 9; Darlene Underwood, Region 10; Audrey Cappozi, Region 11; Robert A Enright II, Region 12; Karl Dickey, Region 13; and Steven Nekhaila, Region 14.

Delegates from across the state came to not only run for LPF positions, but also to attend the highly anticipated Presidential Debate, debated by Gov. Gary Johnson, Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl Perry, and Austin Petersen, while moderated by George Phillies, current Chair of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. A straw poll was conducted immediately after, the results in favor of Johnson with 41 votes, Petersen with 29, Feldman with 8, and Perry with 7.

The State Delegation also elected 53 Delegates and 53 alternates to represent the LPF at the Libertarian National Convention that is being held in Orlando, FL, May 26-30. There, Florida delegates will vote for the 2016 presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party, which will offer Florida voters the best alternative to the two major party candidates.

The Libertarian Party of Florida emerged from the convention poised to have exceptional results during the 2016 election season.