By: Char-Lez Braden

The Goal of any successful party is to obtain and wield political power.  For us, this is measured by these criteria:
* Electing Libertarians
* Electing liberty-leaning candidates where Libertarians are unavailable
* Influencing legislation and government policy

We shall attain success with these steps:

  1. Embrace that the foundation of liberty is the individual, and we build “Team Liberty” from the efforts of individuals
  1. Individually educate ourselves philosophically, politically and logistically on a continual basis
  1. Understand that each county affiliate is only one part of “Team Liberty”, and is most effective when it works in concert with the LPF
  1. Understand that the LPF is only one part of “Team Liberty”, and is most effective when it works in concert with county affiliates
  1. Oversee all levels and branches of government, and evaluate their impact on liberty
  1. Communicate the threats to liberty, and the joys of liberty, on a one to one basis personally in our daily lives
  1. Communicate the threats and joys of liberty, one to many, by all means such as the web, email, US Mail, signs, TV and radio
  1. Acknowledge all who respond; evaluate their level of interest; then act accordingly to convert them into allies, voters, members, activists and candidates
  1. Engage those that respond unfavorably with professional and reasoned positions to consider
  1. Coordinate with allies to advance our common goals whenever possible
  1. Generate new voters by embracing those that respond favorably and asking them to register LPF
  1. Retain current voters by facilitating as much internal communication as possible between voters and leadership via tools such as the newsletter, events, pod casts and every other means
  1. Turn voters into members by building relationships with them, and making the struggle for liberty personal and relevant to each
  1. Integrate members into their local county affiliates
  1. Maximize the value of our members by encouraging involvement via activist opportunities and financial contributions
  1. Develop activists by inviting members to participate in immediately useful tasks, having materials handy, with training and guidance ready
  1. Encouraging members and activists to become candidates to run for public office
  1. Training candidates in campaign craft
  1. Supporting candidates with campaign materials, and volunteers
  1. Returning party fee assessments to the candidates
  1. Supplying candidates with intelligence on the various positions and actions of the opposition
  1. Advise currently elected officials about Libertarian positions on legislative issues