by: Charles T. McMillan

An examination of the concepts of Social Justice and how they contradict the very meaning of Social Justice.

Our interconnectedness is more a curse than gift.  On the one hand, individuals from a whole other corner of the world can interact with another. The antithesis of interconnectedness is saturation where the mass of information becomes overwhelming. Along with the celebration of nostalgia, the ability to care about the problems of others has died. Regardless of how connected you are, their problems are not your problems. However, that does not stop others from joining causes they deem important. Enter the Social Justice Warrior (SJW), the most unequivocally worthless creation birthed from the Information Age and the Y Generation.

Unparalleled in their lack of self-awareness, SJWs habitually take up feats of activism that are to the determent of the cause in question. Whether it is a minority group, a conflict on social media, or a topic of entertainment, expect at least a dozen obnoxious opinions making irrelevant points. To the average SJW, what does not matter in the eyes of the majority is so important that they ensure everyone cares about it. These people are so fervent in perpetuating the cause of nothing that they cannot see the irony in how they become a worse enemy.

Anita Sarkeesian, the matriarch of Social Justice, championed the cause for female representation in video games and criticized how other titles handle their women characters.  In addition to gender, race and class are essential to Sarkeesian’s movement.  She believes that straight white middle class men belong to the Patriarchy, the cause of sexism, ableism, and racism and that nonwhites are inherently good.  You can just read a book and see none of these exist in a lawful or cultural sense, but that does not stop SJWs from believing it to maintain the narrative.

The focus on problems that do not exist translates to other aspects of culture.  Cyber bullying has become a mainstream issue because activists are so hurt by words online.  Instead of turning off their computers, SJWs feel they are being physically attacked.  Paranoia drives them to fear for their lives because they are unable to move on.  So offended are these snowflakes by digital text that they see it as abuse.  That is why we have safe spaces and how political correctness has made a resurgence because people are so afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Feminism is not the only philosophy bastardized by Social Justice.  Atheism has been adapted to push worldviews and concepts that contradict its own definition.  When a religious group does something terrible in the eyes of secular Western culture, Atheists who claim to be ethical dismiss such actions as ingrained in their culture, and a result of Patriarchy.  They unintentionally promote dangerous ideologies by turning a blind eye and allowing such acts to persist.

This is where the irony of Social Justice becomes obvious.  Most SJWs think capitalism results in oppression and the only answer is socialism.  While that seems like your usual communist detritus, it comes with a hot pink caveat: Capitalism is regarded as a straight white middle class male concept, a product of the Patriarchy to control women.  To SJWs, the only answer to oppression is female led socialism where they are in control of all aspects of life.  They determine what we say, what we think, and how we act with men as second-class citizens.

Those who think cyber bullying and mean words are actual problems have taken steps to suppress freedom of speech both online and in reality.  Many call for social media to deny users the ability to express themselves.  Even the UN has become involved when an envoy of snowflakes complained about what people say to them on the Internet.  At various colleges, speakers like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannapoulos have been protested because SJWs do not like what they say.  These demonstrations often become violent with dissidents assaulting the speaker’s supporters.

By focusing on issues that do not matter, SJWs overlook real problems.  As Feminists complain about Patriarchy, women in third-world countries are oppressed by an actual Patriarchy ruled by religion and misogyny inherent in culture.  At the same time, SJWs perpetuate these issues by turning a blind eye, and giving them a place to prosper in the West like a cancer of ignorance.

Social Justice is a contradiction.  It preaches equality and forces dangerous ideologies upon a world that is already equal.  As we steer closer to a reality dominated by political correctness, it is our solemn duty to uphold reason against a perceived notion that society is corrupt.  When a girl cries after her parents remove her clitoris, it is not Feminists that will come to her aid, but those who value true freedom and morality.



Charles McMillan is an independent film critic,  video game critic, and freelance writer from Orlando.