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LPF Supports 2017 Open Carry Bill

For Immediate Release 2017-01-23 Char-Lez Braden Libertarian Party of Florida 1-855-FLA FREE (855-352-3733) info@lpf.org www.lpf.org Libertarian Party of Florida Supports Open Carry Bill Bradenton, Fla — The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) has officially endorsed an open carry bill circulating around the Florida Legislature. SB 140, HB 6001, and HB 6005 all similarly would expand […]

SB 140 Florida Open Carry (2017)

SB 140-Openly Carrying a Handgun General Bill by Greg Steube (Rep) Dist. 23, Senator’s website Related bills: HB 6001 Concealed Weapons and Firearms HB 6005 Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms Schedule: Filed, Assigned Judiciary Scheduled Jan 10 2 pm, Governmental Oversight and Accountability, and Rules Title: Openly Carrying a Handgun: Authorizing a compliant […]

Libertarian Party of Florida 2016 Voter Guide

            Libertarians on the Ballot In partisan races, Libertarian candidates are represented by the acronym LPF (Libertarian Party of Florida).   President Gary Johnson & Bill Weld   US Senate Paul Stanton   State House District 90 Artie Lurie   US House of Representatives District 2 Rob Lapham   State […]

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Teamwork moving the LPF forward

A special Thank You to the members and affiliates of the Libertarian Party of Florida By Vice Chair Omar Recuero   On Wednesday, August 17th, Libertarian Presidential nominee, Gov Gary Johnson held a campaign rally/forum in Miami at Florida International University. This event went off perfectly and even 3 days later proves to be a […]

Gary Johnson to appear in Miami Aug 17

Presidential Candidate to Appear in Miami on August 17 Governors Johnson and Weld will visit Miami on the campaign trail Bradenton, FL (Aug 15, 2016) – On August 17th at 7pm, Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson (New Mexico) and vice presidential candidate Governor Bill Weld (Massachusetts) will open the floor for questions in a […]

From the Editor’s Desk

Dear friends, We are so excited to announce that the LPF will host its first U.S. Senate Primary race in LPF history! On election day in November, there will be a 3-way race between the winners of the Libertarian, Republican and Democratic Parties, respectively, and it’s our job to make sure that every voter in the Sunshine […]

The Libertarian Party of Florida is ON FIRE!

  Exclusive to The Quill by: Raquel Okyay LPF Hosts National Convention in Orlando  One Thousand and Five delegates representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia chose with more than 49 percent of the vote, the LP’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates: Former NM Governor Gary Johnson; and Former MA Governor, Bill Weld. “The […]

Now Is The Time

Let’s recap the facts: * Both parties have doubled down on the most divisive candidates in recent times * Libertarians have the most qualified candidates on the ballot * We have a historic US Senatorial primary in Florida That all adds up to the most exciting election to come down the road in decades. The […]

The Arrogance of Power

  by: Tom Regnier, member of the LP’s National Platform Committee and former secretary of the LPF. The following speech was delivered to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission in Orlando on Sept. 4, 1997. Reprinted with permission. My name is Tom Regnier, and I spoke to the Constitution Revision Commission once before in Fort Lauderdale. After I heard […]