Cape Coral's Flood Insurance Fiasco: Mayor Gunter, It’s Time for True Leadership

The unexpected yank of a 25% discount on flood insurance policies by FEMA has left Cape Coral residents not just wet, but underwater financially. This is not the time for surprises, especially ones that thin out wallets already stretched to their limits. A clear, strong response from city leadership isn't just a courtesy—it's a critical necessity.

One would hope such a call to action would be led by Mayor John Gunter. As the figurehead of the City Council and theoretically "first among equals," Mayor Gunter should be at the helm, guiding us through these rough waters with precision and authority.

However, the Mayor’s approach so far has been less about steering the ship and more about rocking the boat. Let's be clear: the direction of our city should be determined by the City Council as a whole, not dominated by a single voice, even if it belongs to the Mayor. While Mayor Gunter and his staff certainly have roles in providing insights, the power to decide rests with the entire Council.

But here’s the rub: Mayor Gunter telling other council members to effectively 'zip it'—dismissing their contributions and accusing them of chasing camera lights for personal gain—is not just unproductive; it’s downright harmful. It’s one thing to manage city affairs; it’s another to stifle valuable discourse in the halls of power.

Cape Coral deserves better. We need transparency, collaboration, and a commitment to unity from all our leaders—starting with Mayor Gunter. It’s time for our Mayor to elevate the conversation, not lower the boom on those who dare to speak up.

As we tread these financially flooded streets together, let’s demand the kind of leadership that not only keeps us afloat but leads us safely to shore.


Larry Gillis

Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies

University of Maryland Global Campus

Larry Gillis


graduate: Andover, Harvard (AB); Boston University School of Law (LLB). Attorney (NH, MA). State Representative (NH). Member, Board of Governors, NH Bar Assn. City Prosecutor (Concord NH). Professor (online adjunct, University of Maryland Global Campus).