August 23, 2018
Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida


MIAMI – In November, Florida voters will be asked to make 13 important decisions. These issues range from the complicated to the simple. But the choices you will be forced to make are not all simple.

But in fact, voters will be asked to make 24 separate decisions. This is because the Florida Constitution Revision Commission had few restrictions on the proposals it placed on the ballot. Citizen proposals must first be filtered through a “super-majority” vote of 22 of the 37 political appointees on the FCRC. The FCRC then combined proposals based along the thinnest of lines.

As a result, most of the FCRC proposals contain two or three unrelated topics, a practice they called “bundling.” We call it “bunk.” These combinations can vary comically such as choosing ban both offshore drilling ban and indoor “vaping.” These are clearly unrelated and many voters may support one but not the other. Many Florida voters will face such conflicting choices they may skip over some ballot items altogether.

The Libertarian Party of Florida applauds citizens who come forward to recommend changes to their Constitution. But 2018 illustrates the current ballot initiative system is horribly broken. There’s got to be a better way.

The LPF urges the FCRC to be revamped to have the citizens elect the “super-majority” of its members. The LPF urges that all unique proposals are presented separately so voters can make decisions they desire, not those that are steered by political appointees.

Together, we can control our future once we are allowed to make responsible choices: Choices free of special-interest restrictions.

– J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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For Immediate Release March 17, 2017

Char-Lez Braden, Chair
Libertarian Party of Florida
1-855-FLA FREE (855-352-3733)

Florida Libertarians support medical marijuana bill in Florida Senate

Bradenton, Fla — The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) has come out in support of Florida Senate Bill 614 which would regulate how medical marijuana (cannabis) is distributed throughout the state. While the LPF feels that cannabis regulation should be left to the free market, SB 614 is a step in the right direction to allow Floridians the freedom to choose how to best treat their individual ailment(s) with their doctor .

Char-Lez Braden, Chair of the LPF said today, “Florida voters have spoken very clearly on this issue and the Florida legislature needs to get out of the way. Patients desperately need this medicine. Each day Florida politicians delay passage of these regulations, is another day thousands of Floridians continue to suffer in pain.”

This past November 2016, over 71 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 2 to expand the use of cannabis to a greater number of Floridians. It assured the rights of Florida patients to receive safe, legal access through a regulated system. In accordance with Amendment 2, these regulations will be written by the Florida legislature. There are many bills floating around the Florida legislature with a wide array of regulations and the LPF has decided SB 614 is most in line with the intent of Amendment 2 and the most freedom-based of the proposed regulations.

The LPF encourages its members, as well as all Floridians, to contact their state senators to support and co-sponsor SB 614. Floridians can find who their Florida State Senator is via this link: . Floridians can also call Senator Dana Young who is chair of the Senate Health Policy Committee to encourage her to put SB 614 on the agenda for her committee to consider. Her telephone number is 850-487-5018.

SB 140-Openly Carrying a Handgun

General Bill by Greg Steube (Rep) Dist. 23, Senator’s website

Related bills: HB 6001 Concealed Weapons and Firearms HB 6005 Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms

Schedule: Filed, Assigned Judiciary Scheduled Jan 10 2 pm, Governmental Oversight and Accountability, and Rules

Title: Openly Carrying a Handgun: Authorizing a compliant licensee to openly carry a handgun, etc.

Precis: An act relating to openly carrying a handgun; amending s. 790.06, F.S.; authorizing a compliant licensee to openly carry a handgun; revising the list of specified locations into which a licensee may not openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed weapon or firearm; reenacting s. 790.053(1), F.S., relating to the open carrying of weapons, to incorporate the amendment made to s. 790.06, F.S., in a reference thereto; providing an effective date.

LP Principles: LPF Platform Art. IV, Public Safety Sect. 1.  Law enforcement cannot guarantee individual safety. Self protection is a personal responsibility. All individuals have the right to defend themselves and to possess the means to do so, as guaranteed by both the federal and state Constitutions.

LRC Recommendation:  Favorable – Recommend Support

LRC Commentary:  The bill is mostly very straightforward, allowing a concealed carry holder to carry openly a handgun whenever and wherever concealed carry is allowed. In addition, it adds some language for both regarding the accepted manner to carry in a courthouse, deletes and lifts the prohibition to carry in a governmental meeting, elementary, secondary, and school administrative building, career center, college and university, and all parts of an airport except the sterile area.   This is an ambitious bill that appears to incorporate and incorporate a number of favorable bills from the 2016 session.

This bill clearly restores many reasonable unalienable rights as guaranteed in the US Constitution. It reduces problems for concealed carry holders who have had to be continually concerned about an accidental exposure of a firearm.

Conclusion:  We are wholly in favor of this bill and recommend a press release and lobbying efforts on its behalf.

Analysis by Suzanne Gilmore for the LPF Legislative Review Committee, 01/05/2017