LPF Takes A None of the Above Position On Amendments 1 & 2


Aug 20, 2018

Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

MIAMI – The Libertarian Party of Florida takes a None of the Above position on the following Amendments appearing on the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election:

Amendment 1 – Increased Homestead Property Tax Exemption – Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to increase the homestead exemption by exempting the assessed valuation of homestead property greater than $100,000 and up to $125,000 for all levies other than school district levies. The amendment shall take effect January 1, 2019.

Amendment 2 – Limitations on Property Tax Assessments – Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to permanently retain provisions currently in effect, which limit property tax assessment increases on specified nonhomestead real property, except for school district taxes, to 10 percent each year. If approved, the amendment removes the scheduled repeal of such provisions in 2019 and shall take effect January 1, 2019.

Libertarian Party of Florida Platform


2. We support the addition of the alternative “None of the above is acceptable” to all ballots. We further propose that in the event that “None of the above is acceptable” receives a plurality of votes in any election, a new election shall be held for which none of the losing candidates shall be eligible. Other forms of voting should also be considered, such as instant runoff voting or proportional representation.

2. Taxation of privately owned real property should be eliminated. In effect, it makes the state the owner of all lands by forcing individuals to pay rent to the state or forfeit their title.
3. The personal property tax on Florida businesses should be repealed.


Any chance to cut taxes is a great one. The Libertarian Party of Florida certainly applauds each and every one that comes along. But it is our position these two Amendments take the wrong approach to tax reduction and at best, offer residents and business owners only a brief break from the burden of taxes.

These amendments perpetuate the idea that “By cutting property value, we’ll somehow pay less in taxes.” History has shown otherwise. These Amendments, placed on the ballot by the Florida Legislature, represent a finger in the paper-thin dike between us, the taxpayers, and them, the officials who keep raising our taxes and fees. Plug one hole, they’ll find another. Or make new ones.

Since 1934, Florida taxpayers have tried to plug those holes in government spending by increasing property exemptions every few years. Although the 1992 “Save Our Homes” Amendment capped annual property value increases, the burden of “full taxes” simply shifted to new home buyers and business owners. In 2008, we saw “Portability” which allows property owners move their exemptions with them to new homes and adding a 10% new cap to increases of non-homesteaded taxed property values.

Yet research by Florida TaxWatch, universities and news media show, these routine plugs provide only temporary relief to the government hunger for taxation. The growth of taxes and fees for government services routinely outpaces personal income and inflation. Most cities “raise the tax rate” regularly. When property taxes themselves aren’t raised, “special districts” are invented to charge new fees for drainage, roads and other facilities.

It’s all money taken out of our wallets, whether you call it a “tax” or a “fee.” As a result, it costs more and more to live and conduct business in Florida. Whatever voters choose on these Amendments in November will have little impact on that growth.

It is the position of the Libertarian Party of Florida that we should focus our efforts on cutting government spending and taxation rather than playing games with property value. Only with responsible spending will that burden ease.

  • By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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Be A Part of the Conversation Not The Expectation Says Omega


August 10, 2018

Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

Courtney Omega,
Councilwoman, Coconut Grove Village Council


MIAMI – A legacy of social activism and community involvement led Coconut Grove Village Councilwoman Courtney Omega to join the growing ranks of Florida’s elected Libertarian Party officials this week.

Omega says she changed her party from Republican because she found a community of support and inclusion, rather than being taken for granted.

“When I ran for this position that I serve in now I met a few of the Libertarian Party members,” says Omega. “It was just a breath of fresh air. It didn’t seem like they did politics the same way I was used to doing politics. I appreciated how I was encouraged but I wasn’t beaten down. I appreciated how I was part of the conversation not just an expectation.”

Omega was elected to the Coconut Grove Village Council last November. She is founder and executive director of Golden and Golden Gates Foundation which conducts youth programs and professional seminars. Omega, 40 works as an insurance agent and journalist. She also prepares faith-based cultural arts curriculum for local youth. Omega has two children, Neyanni Turner, 11 and Keonne Turner, 9.


Omega knows political activism: it’s in the family blood. Omega’s grandmother was the esteemed Yvonne Scarlett-Golden, Daytona Beach’s first African American mayor. Scarlett-Golden, a Bethune-Cookman honors graduate, was a four-term city commissioner and two-term mayor before her death in 2005 at age 80.

Omega says her parents and many of her aunts and uncles were all active in private and public social services, so civic and social involvement was both the family’s vocation and avocation.

“So, we were not the typical family at that time, and surely not now. Our conversations at dinnertime were not ‘What did you do at school today?’ they were ‘What type of protest did you take part?’,” she says with an easy laugh.


After graduating from Mainland High School (two years behind NBA star Vince Carter she proudly notes,) Omega attended Florida A&M and Florida State Universities before leaving the state to pursue a career in community organizations, including the National School and Community Corps in Philadelphia where she was an English tutor and dance choreographer. She returned to Florida in 2012.

It is perhaps not a surprise that she spent most of her political life as a registered Democrat. Yet Omega says she changed to Republican about two years ago while she focused on her growing business. But when she decided to run for Coconut Grove Village Council, she found her adopted party’s political support was not there.

“During the campaign process I just got no support from the GOP, and I thought that was very weird because here I was, a young African American, a woman, so I thought hey, there should be some more interest or buy in there,” she says.

Omega adds she also felt no encouragement when she was a Democrat. “During the time I was a Democrat, I did nothing but vote. I was never approached to run. It was just ‘Hey, your vote is appreciated but not necessarily your inclusion; but your vote is definitely important! ‘ “

Omega discovered Libertarians were different. While campaigning, Omega says she met Libertarian Party Chairman Marcos Miralles and other local members and immediately found them welcoming.

“They would absolutely reach across those lines and say ‘Hey, Courtney has some good ideas and we plan on sharing them once she is on the Board.’ I came to understand this would be more ‘So, like I am included in the conversation and not necessarily just being propped up and being told what to say.’ I always appreciated the confidence they extended towards me throughout the campaigning process. It really made, because this was my first political run, it really made that run a whole lot more affable.’ “

Omega says the Libertarian Party has much to offer to the growing number in the African American community who feel disenfranchised from their historic Democratic affiliation.

“For so long, we’ve been told to kind of be a part,” Omega says. “The key word is being told. But to actually have the confidence and have the influence and have the encouragement to actually be a part of that, to actually become an elected official, is very rare particularly in the Democratic Party. You’re good enough to be a prop at holding up a sign, but as far as being part of it, it’s different.”

“You know, there’s an African proverb: ‘They have no word for try. You either do or you don’t. That’s where the encouragement comes from; that’s where the confidence is built. When you can say to someone ‘You know what? I think you can do this, you deserve a seat at this table. How many African Americans, 20, 30 years old, would say ‘Wow, do you really think so?’ It creates a totally different conversation as opposed to ‘Hey are you registered to vote?’ ”

By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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Libertarian Party of Florida To Host Dinner With Gov. Bill Weld in August

July 31, 2018
Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

Contact: Marc Golob,
Chairman, Fundraising Committee

MIAMI – The Libertarian Party of Florida is pleased to host a Dinner with Gov. Bill Weld this month to raise proceeds for the state party.

“Governor Weld’s involvement in the party is an inspiration,” said Marcos Miralles, LPF Chairman. “The Libertarian Party is now the home of current elected officials, former elected officials, and community members who wish to create an environment for all to thrive.”
Miralles said Gov. Weld gladly accepted the invitation to assist the state party after the two met at the recent Libertarian Party National Convention in New Orleans.

Weld was Massachusetts governor from 1991 to 1997. In 2016, he was Gov. Gary Johnson’s running mate in what became the most successful LP presidential showing in the party’s history. The Johnson / Weld ticket garnered more than three percent of the popular vote.

Weld is said to be considering a 2020 presidential run, although no formal announcements have been made. June 20, George Will wrote in The Washington Post Weld brings together “what a broad swath of Americans say they favor: limited government, fiscal responsibility, free trade, the rule of law, entitlement realism and other artifacts from the Republican wreckage.”

The dinner will be held Aug. 29 at Texas de Brazil, 300 Alton Rd Ste. 200, Miami Beach. Until Aug. 20, reservations are $200. After, $250.

Tickets may be purchased here.

By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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Libertarian Party of Florida 2016 Voter Guide








Libertarians on the Ballot
In partisan races, Libertarian candidates are represented by the acronym LPF (Libertarian Party of Florida).
Gary Johnson & Bill Weld
US Senate
Paul Stanton
State House District 90
Artie Lurie
US House of Representatives District 2
Rob Lapham
State House District 18
Ken Willey
The Libertarian Party of Florida recommends a vote NO on Amendment One. Amendment One adds to the Florida state constitution the right to own or lease solar energy equipment for personal use. You already have this right; it does not need to be added to the constitution. The amendment also allows state or local governments from subsidizing its production by citizens who do not produce solar energy. The amendment would essentially allow the rejection of Net Metering, the process where homeowners are compensated for the excess solar they are forced to give to the public utility.
The Libertarian Party of Florida recommends a vote YES on Amendment Two. Amendment Two legalizes medical marijuana for individuals with specific debilitating diseases or conditions as determined by a licensed state physician.
The Libertarian Party of Florida takes no position on Amendment 3. Amendment Three provides property tax exemptions to first responders who have been permanently disabled in the line of duty.
The Libertarian Party of Florida takes no position on Amendment 5. Amendment Five supports property tax exemptions to eligible senior citizens. The amendment would allow home values to remain fixed after application for the exemption, even if the value later exceeds the designated threshold.

Teamwork moving the LPF forward

A special Thank You to the members and affiliates of the Libertarian Party of Florida

By Vice Chair Omar Recuero


On Wednesday, August 17th, Libertarian Presidential nominee, Gov Gary Johnson held a campaign rally/forum in Miami at Florida International University. This event went off perfectly and even 3 days later proves to be a tremendous success. I was not only in attendance for this historic event, I was a part of an amazing team of people who made this event possible.


I writing this to recognize that this event would not have taken place without the help of these individuals. Alot went on behind the scenes to make the event possible. A big part of it included generous donations and securing FIU, however we needed volunteers. Some of the things needed including coordination(VIP, general public, security), clean up, take donations, signing people up for the campaign and various other duties. So  because of how much we love and cherish individual liberty and freedom. And because of how much we support Gary Johnson and all of the great things that has accomplished and will accomplish. We were called upon and without hesitation came together to help put this event together in a short amount of time. Not to mention the various distances that people had to travel from around the state to volunteer.

The volunteer staff:

Region 8 Representative Stacey Selleck

Region 10 Representative Darlene Underwood

Region 13 Representative Karl Dickey

Region 14 Representative Steven Nekhaila

The Chairman – Char Lez Braden

The LPF Secretary – Suzanne Gilmore

At Large Director 1 – Alison Foxall

At Large Director 2 – Russ Wood

Rules Committee Chair – Tony Sellers

LP Palm Beach – Shane and Susan George

LP Broward – Mike Higgs

LP Miami Dade – Shoutout to Marialexandra (Communications), Marcos(Vice Chair), Josh Curtis(Secretary), Keon Grayson and Pierre(Executive Director)

LP Lee – JoAnn and Co.

LP Pinellas – Jess Mears

LP Hillsborough – Susan Stanley

Various LPF members and supporters including but not limited to Philippe Neptune, Robert Fernandez, Macy John, LuisaMercedes Garcia and Heather Preysz and her daughters.


Overall 11 members of the LPF Executive Committee were also present. The highlight of the night being region 9 Representative George Lebovitz giving two cigars to the Governors to smoke when we get into the debates and smoke both of the other “candidates”.


What an event! What a night! What team of people we have in the LPF! Thank You all so much to everyone and anyone I forgot to mention. Thank You to the state campaign team for letting me help out. If you are reading this and you were not able to come, but you shared, tweeted, instagram, etc the event, Thank You too. I am so glad to be a part of this family and I believe we can accomplish anything when we work together.




Notice of Special LPF Office Elections

Nominations are being accepted for LPF Vice Chair and Director-at-Large 3 to complete vacated terms ending at the conclusion of the 2017 LPF Annual Business Meeting.  If you are interested in filling the position, or know someone who would be a good choice for the position, please fill out this online form here: https://docs.lpf.org/office-vacancies/

Nominations will close Tuesday, July 5 at 7:30 pm edt to allow time to validate all nominated people as eligible to hold the office.  Any nominations received after that time will not be considered.  Only nominations emailed to chair@lpf.org using the online form will be considered.  Please make certain that your nominee is willing to take the position before you submit a nomination.  In order to qualify, nominees shall be current LPF members and currently registered LPF voters.

Nominees who are determined to be qualified for the stated position, and who email completed nominations timely to the chair, may address the LPF Executive Committee for up to 2 minutes during a conference call on July 10, 2016 at 7:30 pm edt. The conference call may be accessed at  641-715-3580, access code 624-387#.  

Duties of the Vice-Chair: Shall serve as presiding officer in the absence of the Chair; shall be responsible for the committee work of the LPF; shall represent the committees at executive sessions; and shall serve as ex officio member of all committees. There is no language in the by-laws describing the duties of the At-Large Directors.

Libertarian Party of Florida State Convention – 2016 Dates & Location Announced

We’re excited to announce that the 2016 LPF State Convention planning is well underway! See date and location details below:

Date: April 8th-10th
Location: Holiday Inn Palm Beach – Airport Conference Center
Address: 1301 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405 (map this)

Delegate registration and meal packages/tickets will be available before the end of the month. We will send an email to membership as soon as this is ready and post the convention website URL as well.

Sponsorships and booths/tables are available now! Please email info@lpf.org for details.