By: Ryan Ramsey

The hypocrisy of supporting gun rights and the drug war Part I

When conservatives or libertarians point out that lowering tax rates increases revenue, liberals scoff. You can show them proof, and they will not listen because they are too vested in their ideology to slow down and accept that sometimes things work a little different than they seem.

If the policy discussion shifts to the drug war, however, most people on the right develop a case of cognitive dissonance, and it develops quicker than you can trigger a social justice warrior at a Donald Trump rally. We must be very careful not to lower ourselves to the level of the Marxist left wing that murdered over 100 million people in the 20th century. Their goal was equality, but the methods used to achieve it had the opposite effect. Inability to admit they could be wrong about their approach resulted in mass murder across the globe.

I want to see drug use lower, but the current policy is a failure. The war on drugs has cost over a trillion dollars, with lackluster results. Use rates have not seen any significant changes, but the damage to our civil liberties has been catastrophic. Particularly troubling, is the number of gun rights supporters who are against decriminalizing marijuana, even for the sick and injured. Every single gun control act was in response to a post prohibition crime wave. There would be no need for the NRA or Florida Carry Inc. without drug prohibition. It is a bold statement, but I ask that you bear with me, and let the facts, rather than your emotions, determine your response. Below are two graphs showing the use of drugs has increased, despite our best efforts.




There is only one western country that has lowered drug use, not just significantly, but dramatically. It is the European nation of Portugal. Hard drug use is down by half. The rate of overdoses is over five times lower than the EU average. The drop in use rates among young people is even higher than adults.

“Following decriminalization, Portugal had the lowest rate of lifetime marijuana use in people over 15 in the E.U.: 10%. The most comparable figure in America is in people over 12: 39.8%. Proportionally, more Americans have used cocaine than Portuguese have used marijuana.”

“The Cato paper reports that between 2001 and 2006 in Portugal, rates of lifetime use of any illegal drug among seventh through ninth graders fell from 14.1% to 10.6%; drug use in older teens also declined. Lifetime heroin use among 16-to-18-year-olds fell from 2.5% to 1.8% (although there was a slight increase in marijuana use in that age group). New HIV infections in drug users fell by 17% between 1999 and 2003, and deaths related to heroin and similar drugs were cut by more than half. In addition, the number of people on methadone and buprenorphine treatment for drug addiction rose to 14,877 from 6,040, after decriminalization, and money saved on enforcement allowed for increased funding of drug-free treatment as well.”


This is happening while people regularly overdose in American prisons! Think about that for a minute. What kind of police state would you need to eradicate drugs, if we cannot even keep them out of the prisons we send drug offenders to? Recent arrests of prison guards in Florida highlight the problem. Are we to believe that the solution to the drug problem is to incarcerate them, where they still use drugs?


The illegal immigration crisis is fueled by the rampant corruption, caused by the cartels, and their black market billions. The legalization in some states of medical and recreational marijuana has hurt the Mexican cartels, which the drug war was never able to do. The prices have fallen over half, which means less money for weapons and bribes. It has been a major blow, considering marijuana is about 40% of the cartel’s revenue stream.

Violence has been reduced by a very significant percentage. This is less counter intuitive than the fact that decriminalization lowers use. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Walgreens and CVS are frequently on opposite corners of the same intersection here in Florida, and sell more narcotics every day than any drug dealer in the city. The legal prescription drugs they dispense kill more people than all illicit narcotics combined.

Despite this, if Walgreens lowers their price on morphine, CVS employees don’t engage in drive by shootings against the rival drug dealers at Walgreens. If someone robs CVS, they can call law enforcement. If a drug dealer is robbed, they are forced to commit violent crimes to recover their stolen property.  Nearly all of the violence centered around the drug trade is related to turf or theft.

Unfortunately, the US drug war has once again rescued the cartels. The hysteria over methamphetamine reached a boiling point and Sudafed, which can be used to make the drug, was restricted. You now have to sign for it at the pharmacy counter. After a short decline, use is now back up and rising. The difference is instead of some knucklehead making it in his garage, the cartels are bringing in a cheaper and 100% pure version known as “ice”, so we have empowered the cartels to regain the ground we took with marijuana decriminalization. Thanks, now the cartels are getting rich creating new waves of tweakers and I have to register my cold pills. Do you feel safer yet? (To be continued…)

[Originally published at SD Liberty. Re-posted here with permission.]



Ryan Ramsey is a US Navy Veteran and lifelong political activist. He hosts “The Sounds of Rebellion” and “Liberty Tree Radio” on Blog Talk Radio. He sits on the National Council of the SDL, is the Director of The Florida Liberty Project, founder of Jacksonville Open Carry, and Bradford County Chairman, for the LPF. He also is the singer and guitarist of the “Rock Against Communism” band “Lovecrime”.


By: Char-Lez Braden

The Goal of any successful party is to obtain and wield political power.  For us, this is measured by these criteria:
* Electing Libertarians
* Electing liberty-leaning candidates where Libertarians are unavailable
* Influencing legislation and government policy

We shall attain success with these steps:

  1. Embrace that the foundation of liberty is the individual, and we build “Team Liberty” from the efforts of individuals
  1. Individually educate ourselves philosophically, politically and logistically on a continual basis
  1. Understand that each county affiliate is only one part of “Team Liberty”, and is most effective when it works in concert with the LPF
  1. Understand that the LPF is only one part of “Team Liberty”, and is most effective when it works in concert with county affiliates
  1. Oversee all levels and branches of government, and evaluate their impact on liberty
  1. Communicate the threats to liberty, and the joys of liberty, on a one to one basis personally in our daily lives
  1. Communicate the threats and joys of liberty, one to many, by all means such as the web, email, US Mail, signs, TV and radio
  1. Acknowledge all who respond; evaluate their level of interest; then act accordingly to convert them into allies, voters, members, activists and candidates
  1. Engage those that respond unfavorably with professional and reasoned positions to consider
  1. Coordinate with allies to advance our common goals whenever possible
  1. Generate new voters by embracing those that respond favorably and asking them to register LPF
  1. Retain current voters by facilitating as much internal communication as possible between voters and leadership via tools such as the newsletter, events, pod casts and every other means
  1. Turn voters into members by building relationships with them, and making the struggle for liberty personal and relevant to each
  1. Integrate members into their local county affiliates
  1. Maximize the value of our members by encouraging involvement via activist opportunities and financial contributions
  1. Develop activists by inviting members to participate in immediately useful tasks, having materials handy, with training and guidance ready
  1. Encouraging members and activists to become candidates to run for public office
  1. Training candidates in campaign craft
  1. Supporting candidates with campaign materials, and volunteers
  1. Returning party fee assessments to the candidates
  1. Supplying candidates with intelligence on the various positions and actions of the opposition
  1. Advise currently elected officials about Libertarian positions on legislative issues




I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.

~ Thomas Jefferson, Philadelphia Dec. 23, 1791



Founding Fathers Quote – The Quill – Edition III



via Wikipedia ~ Thomas Jefferson (April 13 [O.S. April 2] 1743 – July 4, 1826) was an American Founding Father who was principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776). He was elected the second Vice President of the United States (1797–1801), serving under John Adams and in 1800 was elected third President (1801-09).  Jefferson was a proponent of democracy, republicanism, and individual rights, which motivated American colonists to break from Great Britain and form a new nation. He produced formative documents and decisions at both the state and national level.


By Brian C. Cole

On the evening of April 13, committee members of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, an affiliate within the Libertarian Party of Florida, held annual elections selecting its new officers and committee chairs.

Through unanimous vote, attendees elected Kevin O’Neill as LPHC Chairman. O’Neill graciously accepted the position, and proceeded to lay out what he saw as priorities for the coming weeks and year.

“We will focus on getting candidates elected for a partisan position to help build our party brand,” said O’Neill. With candidate deadlines due in late May, he said furnishing candidates will be priority number one. “We need your Rolodex of contacts to locate those who have ‘game’ and can be elected and effective in office.”

The LPHC’s second priority is ballot initiatives, he continued. “Within Hillsborough County’s four operating governments, there are enough ordinances in place that we want to undo many of the laws. Our affiliate should focus on what policies anger the most Hillsborough County residents and voters to get the most mileage out of the remedy.”

The LPHC closed its monthly meeting by thanking outgoing Chairman Patrick Kerr for his hard work and accomplishments during the past year. Other executive committee officers and chairs elected at the LPHC’s April meeting include:


Secretary, Francisco Zamora-Medina

Treasurer, Patrick Kerr

Communication Chair, Brad Mostowski

Campaign Chair, Joel Mountain


Brad Mostowski is likely the youngest county EC member within the LPF’s state structure. The 19-year-old Mostowski currently attends the University of South Florida fulltime, where he majors in mathematics and economics. Members were  encouraged to reach-out to grassroots supporters, such as Mostowski and others, who O’Neill said will aid in restoring liberty to Hillsborough County, the State of Florida, and nationwide.

The new Chair requested help from affiliate members: “We will need a volunteer lawyer to assist us in writing the language of any ballot initiative to ensure the government does not rewrite the proposed legislation, rendering the original proposal unrecognizable and confusing to the voters on the ballot.”

Also included on the LPHC’s near-term priority list, is seeking a stand down of the Hillsborough Public Transportation Committee’s ridiculous harassment and fining of Uber and Lyft drivers.

“This is a protection racket funded by taxpayer money to stifle a market place, resulting in worse service, virtually eliminating competition to traditional taxi drivers,” O’Neill reported. “Once we achieve a HPTC stand down in Uber and Lyft enforcement, we will attempt to force a nonrenewal of this state-created authority.”

New leaders said they will continue to support any and all efforts to accomplish these goals at the Oct.1 renewal of authority and/or during the 2017 legislative session in Tallahassee. “The LPHC appreciates local, state assembly efforts to accomplish this task last session.”

The HPTC owns about $2.5 million dollars of assets, with an annual cash flow of about $1.8 million dollars all funded by the fares collected by consumers, said O’Neill. “This constitutes an unnecessary usage tax and a bloated bureaucracy.”

Part of the cash flow contributes to members/employee health insurance costs, he said. “This type of self enrichment scheme from elected officials needs to end. The transportation committee is harassing the county’s hard working Uber/Lyft drivers!”

Libertarian supporters and members can sign up on the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County (LPHC) website at Prospective candidates can reach newly elected LPHC Chairman Kevin O’Neill at



Brian C. Cole is a graduate student at the University of South Florida, working on his Master’s in Mass Communications. In his spare time, Brian works as an activist for the Libertarian Party at the county, state, and national levels.

blowhornBy: Joseph Wendt

The 2016 elections is an excellent opportunity for Libertarians at a State and Local level to raise as much money as they can. Fresh off the State Convention in Palm Beach, we were able to raise about $6000 in profit after all the convention bills were paid. Given the mind-boggling horrible and polarizing candidates the Repub-o-crats are about to nominate for President, this is the year Libertarians can actually improve the LPF’s financial situation and, possibly, give our candidates an opportunity to actually raise enough cash to be competitive. Unfortunately, many will do the stupid thing and try some “get rich quick” scheme to raise money, instead of doing the basics.

News flash people, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel or go in blind not knowing what works. There are many who have tried, and failed miserably. First thing you need to know, T-shirts don’t make f***ing money. Think about it: first you have to come up with a design, find someone willing to produce the t-shirts at a “reasonable” price, store the damn shirts, then try to convince people to pay $40 for a product that would normally cost someone $15-$20. Seriously, how many times has the LPF produced t-shirts and end up years later trying to sell the same damn t-shirts until they’re all gone? It doesn’t work. If you want to sell t-shirts, create an account with cafepress, and let people buy them online without incurring any upfront costs or storage issues. If someone asks you or your affiliate to spend to make t-shirts, please hit them.

The second thing people need to realize, you are trying to get people to donate to the Libertarian Party (national, state, local, I don’t care, whatever floats your boat). Organize events that clearly tell people they are attending a LIBERTARIAN event. If you believe that we need to organize non-partisan events and work with other groups that don’t want to be political to bring us together for a common cause, you’re part of the problem.

Republicans & Democrats organize events to bring people into their Party; they work with organizations that benefit their Party and bring people into their Party. If you want to organize an event with groups that do not want the Libertarian brand on the event, you are not helping the Party and you are hurting its fundraising efforts. You have to work with organizations that don’t mind working with a political group and understand that we want to promote our political brand. That’s how we attract new people and bring in new donors.

Finally, just do the basics to raise money. It’s not hard to write a fundraising email or letter to ask your members to donate a small amount of money. If the LPF asked its, what, 3000 members (not registered voters, I’m using members in this example) to donate $20, potentially it would raise $60,000. That’s basic math, that’s low cost, and look at the potential result. It’s not some flashy, over-the-top plan to raise a lot of quick cash; it’s a simple, straightforward plan that costs us very little, but potentially can raise enormous sums. If you can’t find the time to do something this simple and want some flashy scheme to raise cash, please admit you are stupid and leave.

2016 is the year we can grow and change our Party for the better, and raise the money so we can develop the resources to become an effective political force in Florida, DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!


Dear friends,

There is no doubt the Libertarian Party of Florida has been invigorated from a very successful convention in West Palm Beach last month. With a presidential debate, the highest record of attendance ever, and a band performance by “Love Crime” with guitarists Ryan Ramsey and Brandi Alexandra, we are on a roll!

Joseph Wendt said in “Joe Rant: Money! Money! Money!” the convention wielded positive contribution results, and now is the time to use that momentum to raise money for the LPF local or statewide. He said the 2016 election year is a golden opportunity that begs for our attention. I agree with Joe!

Ryan Ramsey, who is the new Bradford County Chairman, said in his article “Prohibition and Gun Control” if we, as Libertarians, support gun rights then we must support the end of the drug wars. If there is one topic Libertarians can agree with it is support for the Second Amendment, but not all support legalization of drugs. Libertarians are adamant about resisting violence to effect political change, yet some are okay with putting drug users in cages and throwing away the keys. In this first part of a two part series, Ryan discusses the hypocrisy of supporting gun rights and drug prohibition.

If you haven’t heard the latest news, learn about it in The Quill.

Wildly popular Lyft and Uber ridesharing services are being strong-armed into paying government fees. With the service, independent drivers can be requested for pick up and delivery via Android and iOS smartphone applications. The Public Transportation Commission are now ticketing Lyft and Uber drivers for failing to obtain proper permits. The government’s position, not unusual, is to regulate the ridesharing services. Prickle contributor Lauren Anthony said in “Lyfting Liberty for Uber Safety” the PTC is misusing its role by whittling away at our freedom to make choices.

In “Hillsborough County Elects New Leadership” Brian Cole said one of Hillsborough County priorities is to shut down the Public Transportation Commission. Cole said the leadership is committed to disrupting PTC’s efforts to penalize business. Newly elected LPHC Chairman Kevin O’Neill said the commission is an overpaid, unnecessary, bloated government entity. The LPHC will attempt to force a nonrenewal of the commission on or before Oct. 1 when its authority is being reviewed in Tallahassee.

Bravo to Chairman Char-Lez Braden for outlining “22 Steps to Liberty” as a means to complete Party goals for us as individual members and together as a team – terming it “Team Liberty.” Since jumping into the fray last year, the Chair has provided a much-needed boost to the Party by being a good leader, a good listener, and a good peacemaker. Char-Lez has vision and is putting that vision into play.

In Liberty,





Artwork by Gabriel Wozniak

Dear friends,

We made it to our Second Edition of The Quill, the official newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Florida. YAY! We received a mixed lot of six article submissions ranging in topics from Fair Tax to Super Tuesday. Not all of the writers are Florida Libertarians, however, all were tasked to create an article that Florida Libertarians would enjoy. I am confident you will! Please do not be confused by the title in Carlos Cunta’s “Common Sense Gun Control” story – it is meant to be misleading. Cunta is a gallows humorist and I am a huge fan, making “Common Sense Gun Control” the TOP story of the week.

In the First Edition of The Quill, I requested that y’all look very closely at The Quill logo, created by Gabriel Wozniak, because there is a carefully-placed, incognito Lady Liberty woven inside. I am pointing it out again, to see whether anyone has found her. To date, I have not received a single finder. Also, we are looking for volunteer writers, an associate editor, cartoonist and photographer. If you are interested, please advise.

Our very own, Rob Lapham, Libertarian Candidate for Florida Congressional District 2, and Region 2 representative to the Executive Committee, writes an article regarding his solution to the paradigm that is the Republican and Democrat Party, respectively. Lapham said he refuses to vote for the lessor of two evils this November, and prays that Florida Libertarians: Run, Run, Run for Office! Greg Bowen, former member of the Executive Committee, said Florida Libertarians want to live their lives free from a meddling government. From the left to the right, Bowen said political rulers are inherently oppressive, and are not needed. I agree!

Do Libertarian civil rights’ lawyers exist in Florida? YES, they do. Weekly contributor Lauren Anthony writes a story about Phillip Kuhn, Esq., an attorney licensed in both Florida and Tennessee who resides with his wife, Nannette, in Lakeland, FL. Kuhn said he was dismayed at the growing lack of “empathy” inside the courtroom that has effected the way people treat people. “What has happened in the courtroom is that it has lost its sense of civility and humanity in the process of justice.” If there is a no humanity between the officers of the court and the parties involved, then there is no reason to seek justice in that arena, because you will get none.

In sum, I have had an awesome couple of weeks putting together these stories and meeting new Libertarians in the process. Thank YOU Char-Lez Braden, LPF Chairman, for having faith in me. I have faith in you too. Carry on!

In Liberty,




Photo courtesy: Phillip Kuhn


By:  Lauren Anthony

Liberty through a lawyer’s eyes

“The civil rights issue of our generation will be a decrease in individual rights due to safety, especially in regard to terrorism.” “The Fourth Amendment has been emasculated with exceptions; we worship a memory.”  These grim observations were proffered by attorney Phillip Kuhn, a man whose principles took him from the trenches of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s to a chairmanship of the advisory think-tank, Center for Prosecutorial Integrity, for the past two years.  After graduating from Tulane Law School in 1965, Mr. Kuhn was with the Tennessee State’s Attorney’s office for 3 years prior to entering private civil/criminal practice for 19 years.  He then moved to Florida in 1984 and continued in private practice, including a focus on juvenile dependency cases.

Phillip Kuhn is a man not fond of labels, political or otherwise.  But he is a principled professional who believes strongly and fights tenaciously.  In his view, the single most important individual liberty we possess is the right of due process – to lawfully resist government and to be heard when challenged by it.  “I’d represent the devil in front of the Pope,” he said, emphasizing his commitment to individual liberties, regardless of the nature of the allegations against the accused.

Mr. Kuhn has had one of the most colorful and interesting careers a lawyer could have.  In his role as a federal negotiator for the U.S. Justice Department in the late 1960’s, he was part of a team of 4 that ventured into the hearts of riots and attempted to facilitate negotiations between party leaders.  He represented the Invaders of Memphis (a.k.a. Black Panthers) when they were indicted under the first riot acts.  He also represented the producers of the infamous movie “Deep Throat”.  On the other hand, he also defended “Sweet Willie Wine”, who was indicted for armed robbery but acquitted in front of an all-white jury; and petitioned on behalf of a retired, 30-year veteran of the Memphis police force who was being denied pension pay. Additionally, Mr. Kuhn has drafted legislation regarding polygraph licensing, increased discovery rights, sentencing reform, and common sense changes in domestic violence statutes.

Probably some of Phillip Kuhn’s most emotionally taxing work has been on behalf of parents in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida who have faced the juggernaut of juvenile dependency and termination of parental rights proceedings. There is probably no court in the country in which the ratio of what is at stake to the constitutional protections in place is more out of balance. Typically a state agency or agencies put parents on trial and determine whether or under what circumstances they can keep, or reunify with, their children, all under the cloak of confidentiality, without the benefit of a jury, and in the absence of a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of proof.

In Arkansas, for example, Mr. Kuhn represented 6 sets of parents with a total of 34 children who had been part of a religious group whose leader was convicted of and incarcerated for transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes. Although the man was imprisoned prior to the initiation of dependency proceedings, the state imposed what has been referred to as “the parental death penalty,” terminating the rights of all of the parents to all of their children.

While recent events have given Mr. Kuhn a somewhat cynical view regarding the potential for change, he did make two important points.  First, he referenced a book called Simple Justice (Kluger, 1975), which outlines in detail the tactics used by the NAACP to bring Brown v. Board of Education to the U.S. Supreme Court. This method of simultaneously filing suits in multiple district courts is necessary and effective; however, it requires major funding individuals do not often possess.  Secondly, and perhaps more fundamentally, Mr. Kuhn insists that the most important thing people can do is to resume communicating face to face rather than electronically. “When we talk to a screen, we are talking to ourselves,” he said. “What has happened in the courtroom is that it has lost its sense of civility and humanity in the process of justice.” This results in what Mr. Kuhn views as the greatest threat to the Constitution as a whole:  “the erosion of empathy for the human being.”




Lauren Anthony has been a freelance writer since 1990, a Florida resident for over 15 years, and resides with her family in Tampa.


















Retro or Vintage Style Super Tuesday Vote or Voting Campaign Election Pin Button or Badge.

By: William Horowitz

Tuesday, March 15th was “Super Tuesday 3” where five States: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri had their Presidential Primary. On the Democrat Side, I am NOT surprised that Hillary Clinton won Florida and North Carolina. I expected that.

I AM surprised that Hillary Clinton, given how Bernie Sanders won Michigan and how Michigan is similar to the state of Ohio, won the Ohio Primary. I thought Bernie Sanders would have won Ohio, but it turns out that Hillary Clinton won Ohio. Illinois could have gone either way. Ultimately, Hillary won the state of Illinois. It certainly helps that Hillary is originally from Chicago. I thought Bernie Sanders would have won Missouri, given that Bernie won Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Even though it was too close to call, ultimately, Hillary also won Missouri. In the end, Hillary won ALL five states.

On the Republican Side, Donald Trump won the Northern Mariana Islands Republican Caucus. Donald Trump won with 73 percent followed by Ted Cruz at 24 percent of the Vote. Donald Trump won North Carolina with 40 percent with Ted Cruz getting 36 percent of the Vote. Donald Trump won Illinois with 38 percent and Ted Cruz getting 30 percent of the vote.

In Florida, Donald Trump defeated Senator Marco Rubio with 45 percent to 27 percent of the vote. Senator Marco Rubio ended his Presidential campaign that evening. Senator Marco Rubio is a good man and he will have a future in politics. He will be back, don’t count him out.

John Kasich got his FIRST Victory in this primary season. John Kasich won his State of Ohio with 46 percent of the vote with Donald Trump not too far behind him with 35 percent of the vote. Missouri was too close to call but ultimately, Donald Trump won Missouri with 40.9 percent to Ted Cruz 40.7 percent of the vote.

Although Ted Cruz did not win a state, He does get more delegates. The other thing to mention is that Florida and Ohio are winner take all meaning that John Kasich got ALL 66 delegates as a result of his victory in Ohio and Donald Trump gets ALL 99 delegates as a result of his victory in Florida.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is still the frontrunner with Ted Cruz still in second place. The field has gotten smaller with three candidates with John Kasich in last place and Marco Rubio out of the race. Today, Tuesday, March 22, will be American Samoa on the Republican side and the Idaho Caucus on the Democrat side. Utah and Arizona primary for BOTH parties will also be today, Tuesday March 22. We will have to see what happens.



William Horowitz is a political researcher, writer, and identifies himself as a “Libertarian Conservative Republican”.  Bill is a Republican Party Committeeman from New York’s 24th Assembly District.


By: Greg Bowen

While the country breaks down and political rallies turn to violence, the people are rallying in support of their chosen sides. More vitriol is spewed forth, and the cacophony grows to deafening proportions. It saddens me to see libertarians choosing either side in all this. Some may just have sympathy for the candidates having to go through this.

There is no need to sympathize with either side. This is what we, as libertarians, have been warning people about all along. The violent masses are manipulated by the rulers into squabbling over the scraps their masters allow them to have. The system of control manipulated by power mongers is coming to its only conclusion, running the same cycle it always has.

As libertarians, we are the evolution of political thought. We seek a world without rulers. A world where the masses of people are truly free to think and act for themselves. A world where there is no centralized power to the scale that causes this. We d not want you in danger because any cult of personality has enough power to control millions of people and use their force to deprive you of your rights or your property.

The people on both the Left and the Right in the U.S. are responsible for this. Joining in with their violent power grabs, justifying their violent power grabs, or engaging in violence against them to achieve our political and social goals is the antithesis of libertarianism. We are here to offer a better way. Freedom. Liberty. No rulers. No oppression under the political ideologies of another.

The reason we disagree with both the Left and the Right is that at some point in their philosophy on the role of government, they believe that it should be used to impose their political ideology on others. They may have the best of intentions. They may truly think they just know better than you. That if only their ideas were the ones everyone had to abide by, everything would be just fine. But some point in their philosophy, it is okay for them to rule you, to deprive you of your freedom or your property, to claim ownership over you and your right to self determination.

The people who truly believe in allowing peaceful people to live in freedom without the aggressive force of government and all of its violent arms, from the military to the street level protest thugs, are here and offering a better way. A true philosophy of peace and freedom. Our battlefield is one of ideas. Our ammunition is offering you your freedom, and seeking to take over the government to leave you alone.