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We are a grassroots organization with a hardworking staff of volunteers striving every day to make our communities and homes a freer and more prosperous place. Your donations help us reach out to voters, train volunteers, support candidates, generate local activism, and grow the infrastructure of the party. With your help, our goal is to get Libertarians elected at every level of government and grow the Liberty Movement within our communities. 

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Donations are limited to $10,000/year per individual. Donations can only be accepted from citizens of the United States of America or those of lawful permanent residence (green card holders).

Please send checks to:

Libertarian Party of Florida
Suzanne Gilmore, Treasurer
PO Box 558694
Miami Florida 33255

Include your address, occupation, and employer with your check to fulfill federal campaign finance disclosure laws.

If you have any difficulties related to your donation, contact