Let’s recap the facts:

* Both parties have doubled down on the most divisive candidates in recent times
* Libertarians have the most qualified candidates on the ballot
* We have a historic US Senatorial primary in Florida

That all adds up to the most exciting election to come down the road in decades.

The LPF is engaged to make historic advances.

From the panhandle to the keys we’re organizing counties as fast as we can.

The treasurer is about to launch a fundraising campaign.

The LPF Chair has kicked off an agressive membership drive that aims to double membership.

The events committee has targeted 22 cities for “Burn Recovery Centers”, a voter outreach
effort we believe to be the biggest in LPF history.

The membership committee has a new volunteer coordinator that is helping to get volunteers
into the effort as soon as possible.

This is where you come in.

None of these things will be effective without your support.

It’s time to get your game face on.

Spreading liberty is person to person effort.

Slick TV ads don’t do it.
Slick Radio spots don’t do it.
Slick print media doesn’t do it.

Only people talking to people can do it.

Now is the time to approach family, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers.
Everyone you talk to is likely to have no idea that the Libertarian party even exists,
let alone what Libertarian ideals are.  Some will have distorted views.  Some will
deride the candidates.

And none of those negatives matter.

Voters are desperately searching for a way out of the old party nightmare, and we have it.

Don’t waste your time arguing and trying to convince the true believers that they are wrong.

Go for those freshly disenfranchised and angry voters looking for a new home.  Those are the
hearts and minds we can win.

Get involved.

Contact your local affiliate: Affiliates
Contact the Gary Johnson campaign:
Contact your senatorial candidates and learn about them.
Contact your region representative: Leadership
Contact national:

Art by Gabriel Wozniak

Art by Gabriel Wozniak

By: Char-Lez Braden

The myth that hard work must be arduous and miserable is a lie. In each of our lives we have done things that were difficult and took great energy, thought, concentration, resources, and time and taxed us perhaps to our limits. At the same time, while we were engaged in those activities we were doing something we loved.

We see this repeated time and time again. The only conclusion is, hard work isn’t, in and of itself, arduous. The difference is in the knowledge that the work advances something of meaning to the worker.

As libertarians we value freedom above most anything else. The work we put into advancing freedom often gives us great satisfaction.

The task we have set before ourselves, that is of freeing Florida from statist government, is not an easy one. The journey we take in pursuit of it gives us abundant opportunities for satisfaction.

The most important thing to remember is that the road to success is littered with failures and obstacles. Each obstacle overcome is a victory that needs to be relished, and shared. Our victories will not come all at once, but more like a small snowball at the top of a mountain that grows as it comes down the mountain until finally, it is seen by all to be an avalanche.

We will try many things. Most will fail. Some will work. We will learn from all and adapt. This newsletter is no exception. The start is humble, but it continues to grow and improve and soon will be a shining beacon people look too.

As it is with the newsletter, so let it be with the whole party. Let us continue to improve on everything the party does from end to end, and at all levels. We shall take our victories where we can and adapting where we must.

Through it all, let us reach out to one another and applaud the successes of all our fellow travelers, and pick up those who stumble along the way. All to often we see that the opposition does not need to kill a Libertarian, but only wound him, and the other Libertarians will finish him off. This sort of behavior serves only the opposition.

Each of us keeping our eyes on the prize and helping others make us all stronger. Remember, that no matter what our individual preferences and styles may be we are working toward a similar goal.

Let us work to make 2016 the year that we all look back and say this is when the snowball began to grow.