July 13, 2018

Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida


Miami – State delegates proclaim this month’s Libertarian Party National Convention in New Orleans was a new high mark for the Libertarian Party of Florida.

“It was a very humbling experience to see how diverse everyone was and how they were still able to work together to accomplish common goals, regardless of their differences” said LPF Chairman Marcos Miralles. “I really appreciated hearing Larry Sharpe’s comments that Florida is leading the way for the Libertarian Party in growth and development of elected officials.”

Among the Florida Delegation were LPF Executive Committee members Vice Chair Omar Recuero, Treasurer Fred Coulter, Region 1 Rep Spenser Garber of Santa Rosa County, Reg 2 Rep Mari Morrell of Orange County, Reg 9 Rep George Lebovitz, Reg 12 Rep John Shuey Reg 13 Rep Suzanne Gilmore, Reg 14 Rep Martha Bueno of Miami-Dade, At-Large Directors Greg Peele of Orange County and Steven Nekhaila of Monroe County. Multiple candidates for elected office were also in the Florida delegation: Shaun P Kunz, seeking Seminole County Soil and Water Conservation District, Group 5; Derek Ryan, seeking Orange County Soil & Water District: Seat 4; and John Olivadoti Jr., running for Brevard County Soil & Water, Group 2.

Two LPF members were elected to national offices. Nekhaila was elected LP Region 2 Director and Altamonte Springs City Commissioner Jim Turney was elected to the Judicial Committee. Miralles said he is working with re-elected LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark to develop fundraisers and other joint projects.

Several delegates reported the workshops and connections made will aid in the development of their affiliates and the overall advancement of the LPF.

“Overall, my experience in New Orleans was fantastic,” Garber said. “I also attended a few breakout sessions, where I learned quite a bit about messaging and fundraising. All-in-all, I gained tons of new knowledge that I plan on using to exponentially grow my region.”

“My takeaway is that the value is in the sidebar,” said Angela Alexander Kunz of Seminole County. “I had so many great conversations with people, made good connections, and learned a lot about what’s working for other states. Libertarians are more than the sum of our Facebook posts, and connecting in person was invaluable.”

“Gladly, the 2018 convention was a great success in fundraising and bridging divides in the LP, said Turney. “Spirits and attendance were high. It was better than expected in every way!”

The 2020 LP National Convention is scheduled for Austin, Texas.

  • J Mark Barfield, Staff Writer



Exclusive to The Quill

by: Raquel Okyay

LPF Hosts National Convention in Orlando 

One Thousand and Five delegates representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia chose with more than 49 percent of the vote, the LP’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates: Former NM Governor Gary Johnson; and Former MA Governor, Bill Weld.

GaryJohnsonWins“The LP convention was a great success,” said LPF State Chairman Char-Lez Braden. “It fired up the party and resulted in the most qualified presidential ticket of any party.” He said the LPF sees this optimal ticket as leverage for the state party in the months to come.

“I got the impression and heard from others, that this was the most attended convention in LPF history,” said Macy John, LPF Social Media Manager. “The LNC did an outstanding job at putting this convention together.” So did the state party, she said.

“We handed out over 250 press passes,” she added. “The Party did a great job at conveying the liberty message to newcomers.”

Braden said the LP convention ended up in Orlando mostly through the work of former Vice Chair, Vicki Kirkland.

“Thank you Vicki!” he said. “Having the LP convention here in Florida made the LP and LPF more visible to local Floridians.” Enrollment, donations, and energy are on the rise, he said. “I’ve seen a dramatic increase in people reaching out and asking how to become involved.”

Braden said there is a difference between the way the LP has a convention, and the way the other parties do it. “The LP convention is not a show, but an actual convention,” he said. “Unlike the old parties, that have their nominees known well in advance, our party lets the delegates at the convention actually represent their constituents, as opposed to simply be a TV spectacle and photo-op.” Also he said the LP picks both the president and vice president nominees independently. “ That’s a big difference too.”

NationalConventionChairNicholas Sarwak, Chairman of NLP, said the American people are thirsty for another option.

“Large blocks of Americans feel cheated,” he said. “Every single American will have the option to chose an alternative to the two candidates they hate.”

John, who is a marketing specialist from Ft. Lauderdale, said there is certain momentum occurring in the Libertarian Party. “How could there not be? We have two of the most polarizing disliked candidates as the frontrunners for the Democrat and Republican parties.”

She called Republican Donald J. Trump an authoritarian crony-capitalist and warmonger, and Democrat Hillary Clinton a disliked figure with a steady 56 percent disapproval rate. “This could be the year of the Libertarian Party!” She said there is no doubt she is supporting the Johnson/ Weld ticket.

“They may not be 100% in line with the libertarian philosophy, but they bring a pragmatic tone that will entice voters to vote Libertarian this year,” said John. “We have to use this momentum to promote our state and local candidates’ campaigns as well.” She said the more Libertarians who run for public office, the more votes the LPF receives.

“Baby steps,” she said. “We will eventually get everyone the freedoms they want and deserve.”

Today’s LPF is on fire, said Braden. “Get your work clothes on! We’re all about to be very busy.”


Dear friends,

There is no doubt the Libertarian Party of Florida has been invigorated from a very successful convention in West Palm Beach last month. With a presidential debate, the highest record of attendance ever, and a band performance by “Love Crime” with guitarists Ryan Ramsey and Brandi Alexandra, we are on a roll!

Joseph Wendt said in “Joe Rant: Money! Money! Money!” the convention wielded positive contribution results, and now is the time to use that momentum to raise money for the LPF local or statewide. He said the 2016 election year is a golden opportunity that begs for our attention. I agree with Joe!

Ryan Ramsey, who is the new Bradford County Chairman, said in his article “Prohibition and Gun Control” if we, as Libertarians, support gun rights then we must support the end of the drug wars. If there is one topic Libertarians can agree with it is support for the Second Amendment, but not all support legalization of drugs. Libertarians are adamant about resisting violence to effect political change, yet some are okay with putting drug users in cages and throwing away the keys. In this first part of a two part series, Ryan discusses the hypocrisy of supporting gun rights and drug prohibition.

If you haven’t heard the latest news, learn about it in The Quill.

Wildly popular Lyft and Uber ridesharing services are being strong-armed into paying government fees. With the service, independent drivers can be requested for pick up and delivery via Android and iOS smartphone applications. The Public Transportation Commission are now ticketing Lyft and Uber drivers for failing to obtain proper permits. The government’s position, not unusual, is to regulate the ridesharing services. Prickle contributor Lauren Anthony said in “Lyfting Liberty for Uber Safety” the PTC is misusing its role by whittling away at our freedom to make choices.

In “Hillsborough County Elects New Leadership” Brian Cole said one of Hillsborough County priorities is to shut down the Public Transportation Commission. Cole said the leadership is committed to disrupting PTC’s efforts to penalize business. Newly elected LPHC Chairman Kevin O’Neill said the commission is an overpaid, unnecessary, bloated government entity. The LPHC will attempt to force a nonrenewal of the commission on or before Oct. 1 when its authority is being reviewed in Tallahassee.

Bravo to Chairman Char-Lez Braden for outlining “22 Steps to Liberty” as a means to complete Party goals for us as individual members and together as a team – terming it “Team Liberty.” Since jumping into the fray last year, the Chair has provided a much-needed boost to the Party by being a good leader, a good listener, and a good peacemaker. Char-Lez has vision and is putting that vision into play.

In Liberty,