Aug. 13, 2018
Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

Contact: Larry Goolsby,
Supervisor, Wakulla Soil and Water Conservation District
Phone: 352-843-3501


Wakulla, Fla. – William L. “Larry” Goolsby joins the growing ranks of Libertarian Party of Florida members elected to local offices following his appointment to the Wakulla Soil and Water Conservation District at their last meeting.

“Soil and Water really has a lot they can do,” Goolsby says. “I plan to do what I can to help the people of Wakulla County.”

Goolsby’s appointment means there are now 27 Libertarian Party members in public office. The latest was Courtney Omega, Coconut Grove Village Councilwoman, following her party change to the LPF last week.

Goolsby says he was approached to run for Soil and Water Supervisor by the LPF “First Step” team. First Step was originally begun in the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade to place local LP members in public positions. The program was adopted by the LPF Executive Committee. There are now 42 candidates contending for offices ranging from local community councils to Florida Legislature.

Goolsby lives in Crawfordsville with his two children, Willow Nixon, 17, and Fallon Goolsby, 12. He is co-owner of Florida Legacy Advisors, an insurance agency that specializes in the retiree market.

– By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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August 10, 2018

Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

Courtney Omega,
Councilwoman, Coconut Grove Village Council


MIAMI – A legacy of social activism and community involvement led Coconut Grove Village Councilwoman Courtney Omega to join the growing ranks of Florida’s elected Libertarian Party officials this week.

Omega says she changed her party from Republican because she found a community of support and inclusion, rather than being taken for granted.

“When I ran for this position that I serve in now I met a few of the Libertarian Party members,” says Omega. “It was just a breath of fresh air. It didn’t seem like they did politics the same way I was used to doing politics. I appreciated how I was encouraged but I wasn’t beaten down. I appreciated how I was part of the conversation not just an expectation.”

Omega was elected to the Coconut Grove Village Council last November. She is founder and executive director of Golden and Golden Gates Foundation which conducts youth programs and professional seminars. Omega, 40 works as an insurance agent and journalist. She also prepares faith-based cultural arts curriculum for local youth. Omega has two children, Neyanni Turner, 11 and Keonne Turner, 9.


Omega knows political activism: it’s in the family blood. Omega’s grandmother was the esteemed Yvonne Scarlett-Golden, Daytona Beach’s first African American mayor. Scarlett-Golden, a Bethune-Cookman honors graduate, was a four-term city commissioner and two-term mayor before her death in 2005 at age 80.

Omega says her parents and many of her aunts and uncles were all active in private and public social services, so civic and social involvement was both the family’s vocation and avocation.

“So, we were not the typical family at that time, and surely not now. Our conversations at dinnertime were not ‘What did you do at school today?’ they were ‘What type of protest did you take part?’,” she says with an easy laugh.


After graduating from Mainland High School (two years behind NBA star Vince Carter she proudly notes,) Omega attended Florida A&M and Florida State Universities before leaving the state to pursue a career in community organizations, including the National School and Community Corps in Philadelphia where she was an English tutor and dance choreographer. She returned to Florida in 2012.

It is perhaps not a surprise that she spent most of her political life as a registered Democrat. Yet Omega says she changed to Republican about two years ago while she focused on her growing business. But when she decided to run for Coconut Grove Village Council, she found her adopted party’s political support was not there.

“During the campaign process I just got no support from the GOP, and I thought that was very weird because here I was, a young African American, a woman, so I thought hey, there should be some more interest or buy in there,” she says.

Omega adds she also felt no encouragement when she was a Democrat. “During the time I was a Democrat, I did nothing but vote. I was never approached to run. It was just ‘Hey, your vote is appreciated but not necessarily your inclusion; but your vote is definitely important! ‘ “

Omega discovered Libertarians were different. While campaigning, Omega says she met Libertarian Party Chairman Marcos Miralles and other local members and immediately found them welcoming.

“They would absolutely reach across those lines and say ‘Hey, Courtney has some good ideas and we plan on sharing them once she is on the Board.’ I came to understand this would be more ‘So, like I am included in the conversation and not necessarily just being propped up and being told what to say.’ I always appreciated the confidence they extended towards me throughout the campaigning process. It really made, because this was my first political run, it really made that run a whole lot more affable.’ “

Omega says the Libertarian Party has much to offer to the growing number in the African American community who feel disenfranchised from their historic Democratic affiliation.

“For so long, we’ve been told to kind of be a part,” Omega says. “The key word is being told. But to actually have the confidence and have the influence and have the encouragement to actually be a part of that, to actually become an elected official, is very rare particularly in the Democratic Party. You’re good enough to be a prop at holding up a sign, but as far as being part of it, it’s different.”

“You know, there’s an African proverb: ‘They have no word for try. You either do or you don’t. That’s where the encouragement comes from; that’s where the confidence is built. When you can say to someone ‘You know what? I think you can do this, you deserve a seat at this table. How many African Americans, 20, 30 years old, would say ‘Wow, do you really think so?’ It creates a totally different conversation as opposed to ‘Hey are you registered to vote?’ ”

By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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July 31, 2018
Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

Contact: Marc Golob,
Chairman, Fundraising Committee

MIAMI – The Libertarian Party of Florida is pleased to host a Dinner with Gov. Bill Weld this month to raise proceeds for the state party.

“Governor Weld’s involvement in the party is an inspiration,” said Marcos Miralles, LPF Chairman. “The Libertarian Party is now the home of current elected officials, former elected officials, and community members who wish to create an environment for all to thrive.”
Miralles said Gov. Weld gladly accepted the invitation to assist the state party after the two met at the recent Libertarian Party National Convention in New Orleans.

Weld was Massachusetts governor from 1991 to 1997. In 2016, he was Gov. Gary Johnson’s running mate in what became the most successful LP presidential showing in the party’s history. The Johnson / Weld ticket garnered more than three percent of the popular vote.

Weld is said to be considering a 2020 presidential run, although no formal announcements have been made. June 20, George Will wrote in The Washington Post Weld brings together “what a broad swath of Americans say they favor: limited government, fiscal responsibility, free trade, the rule of law, entitlement realism and other artifacts from the Republican wreckage.”

The dinner will be held Aug. 29 at Texas de Brazil, 300 Alton Rd Ste. 200, Miami Beach. Until Aug. 20, reservations are $200. After, $250.

Tickets may be purchased here.

By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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July 13, 2018

Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida


Miami – State delegates proclaim this month’s Libertarian Party National Convention in New Orleans was a new high mark for the Libertarian Party of Florida.

“It was a very humbling experience to see how diverse everyone was and how they were still able to work together to accomplish common goals, regardless of their differences” said LPF Chairman Marcos Miralles. “I really appreciated hearing Larry Sharpe’s comments that Florida is leading the way for the Libertarian Party in growth and development of elected officials.”

Among the Florida Delegation were LPF Executive Committee members Vice Chair Omar Recuero, Treasurer Fred Coulter, Region 1 Rep Spenser Garber of Santa Rosa County, Reg 2 Rep Mari Morrell of Orange County, Reg 9 Rep George Lebovitz, Reg 12 Rep John Shuey Reg 13 Rep Suzanne Gilmore, Reg 14 Rep Martha Bueno of Miami-Dade, At-Large Directors Greg Peele of Orange County and Steven Nekhaila of Monroe County. Multiple candidates for elected office were also in the Florida delegation: Shaun P Kunz, seeking Seminole County Soil and Water Conservation District, Group 5; Derek Ryan, seeking Orange County Soil & Water District: Seat 4; and John Olivadoti Jr., running for Brevard County Soil & Water, Group 2.

Two LPF members were elected to national offices. Nekhaila was elected LP Region 2 Director and Altamonte Springs City Commissioner Jim Turney was elected to the Judicial Committee. Miralles said he is working with re-elected LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark to develop fundraisers and other joint projects.

Several delegates reported the workshops and connections made will aid in the development of their affiliates and the overall advancement of the LPF.

“Overall, my experience in New Orleans was fantastic,” Garber said. “I also attended a few breakout sessions, where I learned quite a bit about messaging and fundraising. All-in-all, I gained tons of new knowledge that I plan on using to exponentially grow my region.”

“My takeaway is that the value is in the sidebar,” said Angela Alexander Kunz of Seminole County. “I had so many great conversations with people, made good connections, and learned a lot about what’s working for other states. Libertarians are more than the sum of our Facebook posts, and connecting in person was invaluable.”

“Gladly, the 2018 convention was a great success in fundraising and bridging divides in the LP, said Turney. “Spirits and attendance were high. It was better than expected in every way!”

The 2020 LP National Convention is scheduled for Austin, Texas.

  • J Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

A special Thank You to the members and affiliates of the Libertarian Party of Florida

By Vice Chair Omar Recuero


On Wednesday, August 17th, Libertarian Presidential nominee, Gov Gary Johnson held a campaign rally/forum in Miami at Florida International University. This event went off perfectly and even 3 days later proves to be a tremendous success. I was not only in attendance for this historic event, I was a part of an amazing team of people who made this event possible.


I writing this to recognize that this event would not have taken place without the help of these individuals. Alot went on behind the scenes to make the event possible. A big part of it included generous donations and securing FIU, however we needed volunteers. Some of the things needed including coordination(VIP, general public, security), clean up, take donations, signing people up for the campaign and various other duties. So  because of how much we love and cherish individual liberty and freedom. And because of how much we support Gary Johnson and all of the great things that has accomplished and will accomplish. We were called upon and without hesitation came together to help put this event together in a short amount of time. Not to mention the various distances that people had to travel from around the state to volunteer.

The volunteer staff:

Region 8 Representative Stacey Selleck

Region 10 Representative Darlene Underwood

Region 13 Representative Karl Dickey

Region 14 Representative Steven Nekhaila

The Chairman – Char Lez Braden

The LPF Secretary – Suzanne Gilmore

At Large Director 1 – Alison Foxall

At Large Director 2 – Russ Wood

Rules Committee Chair – Tony Sellers

LP Palm Beach – Shane and Susan George

LP Broward – Mike Higgs

LP Miami Dade – Shoutout to Marialexandra (Communications), Marcos(Vice Chair), Josh Curtis(Secretary), Keon Grayson and Pierre(Executive Director)

LP Lee – JoAnn and Co.

LP Pinellas – Jess Mears

LP Hillsborough – Susan Stanley

Various LPF members and supporters including but not limited to Philippe Neptune, Robert Fernandez, Macy John, LuisaMercedes Garcia and Heather Preysz and her daughters.


Overall 11 members of the LPF Executive Committee were also present. The highlight of the night being region 9 Representative George Lebovitz giving two cigars to the Governors to smoke when we get into the debates and smoke both of the other “candidates”.


What an event! What a night! What team of people we have in the LPF! Thank You all so much to everyone and anyone I forgot to mention. Thank You to the state campaign team for letting me help out. If you are reading this and you were not able to come, but you shared, tweeted, instagram, etc the event, Thank You too. I am so glad to be a part of this family and I believe we can accomplish anything when we work together.




raquel-okyayDear friends,

We are so excited to announce that the LPF will host its first U.S. Senate Primary race in LPF history! On election day in November, there will be a 3-way race between the winners of the Libertarian, Republican and Democratic Parties, respectively, and it’s our job to make sure that every voter in the Sunshine State is made aware of this historic primary on Aug. 30.

One of the biggest problems we face as a political party, is that the rest of the world doesn’t know we’re here. We practically beg for media attention, but the main stream agenda is to promote the 2-party system. How do we change that? We hit the streets: talk to our families, friends, neighbors and colleagues about the LPF and our candidates. We get involved with our local affiliates and work in a unified way to build the party.

The momentum is with us! The time to act is now!


The Libertarian Candidates are (listed in alphabetical order): Augustus Invictus (, a criminal defense attorney from Orlando, and Paul Stanton (, an IT specialist from Daland. For more information about their campaigns, please link to their websites.

For Edition IV we bring you the second part of Ryan Ramsey’s “Prohibition and Gun Control”, “The Fallacy of Social Justice” by Charles McMillan, and “The Arrogance of Power” by Tom Regnier. Tom is a long-time friend of the LPF and former editor of its newsletter. His powerful speech (reprinted in The Quill) was delivered to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission in Orlando on Sept. 4, 1997.

Exclusive to The Quill, you don’t want to miss my story “The Libertarian Party of Florida is ON FIRE!” about the party’s national convention in Orlando last month.

We are also happy to announce the advancement of two Associate Editors at The Quill; Amanda Gluck and Brandi Alexandra. Congrats and thank you!

As always, we are taking article submissions from Florida Libertarians on topics of interest to Florida Libertarians for publication at The Quill. Submit your 550-650 word articles to State affiliates can submit event calendars and reports for publication as well.

On a somber note, we are very saddened by the sudden death of LP Presidential Candidate Dr. Marc Allan Feldman. R.I.P. #ThatLibertarian




In Liberty,






Exclusive to The Quill

by: Raquel Okyay

LPF Hosts National Convention in Orlando 

One Thousand and Five delegates representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia chose with more than 49 percent of the vote, the LP’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates: Former NM Governor Gary Johnson; and Former MA Governor, Bill Weld.

GaryJohnsonWins“The LP convention was a great success,” said LPF State Chairman Char-Lez Braden. “It fired up the party and resulted in the most qualified presidential ticket of any party.” He said the LPF sees this optimal ticket as leverage for the state party in the months to come.

“I got the impression and heard from others, that this was the most attended convention in LPF history,” said Macy John, LPF Social Media Manager. “The LNC did an outstanding job at putting this convention together.” So did the state party, she said.

“We handed out over 250 press passes,” she added. “The Party did a great job at conveying the liberty message to newcomers.”

Braden said the LP convention ended up in Orlando mostly through the work of former Vice Chair, Vicki Kirkland.

“Thank you Vicki!” he said. “Having the LP convention here in Florida made the LP and LPF more visible to local Floridians.” Enrollment, donations, and energy are on the rise, he said. “I’ve seen a dramatic increase in people reaching out and asking how to become involved.”

Braden said there is a difference between the way the LP has a convention, and the way the other parties do it. “The LP convention is not a show, but an actual convention,” he said. “Unlike the old parties, that have their nominees known well in advance, our party lets the delegates at the convention actually represent their constituents, as opposed to simply be a TV spectacle and photo-op.” Also he said the LP picks both the president and vice president nominees independently. “ That’s a big difference too.”

NationalConventionChairNicholas Sarwak, Chairman of NLP, said the American people are thirsty for another option.

“Large blocks of Americans feel cheated,” he said. “Every single American will have the option to chose an alternative to the two candidates they hate.”

John, who is a marketing specialist from Ft. Lauderdale, said there is certain momentum occurring in the Libertarian Party. “How could there not be? We have two of the most polarizing disliked candidates as the frontrunners for the Democrat and Republican parties.”

She called Republican Donald J. Trump an authoritarian crony-capitalist and warmonger, and Democrat Hillary Clinton a disliked figure with a steady 56 percent disapproval rate. “This could be the year of the Libertarian Party!” She said there is no doubt she is supporting the Johnson/ Weld ticket.

“They may not be 100% in line with the libertarian philosophy, but they bring a pragmatic tone that will entice voters to vote Libertarian this year,” said John. “We have to use this momentum to promote our state and local candidates’ campaigns as well.” She said the more Libertarians who run for public office, the more votes the LPF receives.

“Baby steps,” she said. “We will eventually get everyone the freedoms they want and deserve.”

Today’s LPF is on fire, said Braden. “Get your work clothes on! We’re all about to be very busy.”

Let’s recap the facts:

* Both parties have doubled down on the most divisive candidates in recent times
* Libertarians have the most qualified candidates on the ballot
* We have a historic US Senatorial primary in Florida

That all adds up to the most exciting election to come down the road in decades.

The LPF is engaged to make historic advances.

From the panhandle to the keys we’re organizing counties as fast as we can.

The treasurer is about to launch a fundraising campaign.

The LPF Chair has kicked off an agressive membership drive that aims to double membership.

The events committee has targeted 22 cities for “Burn Recovery Centers”, a voter outreach
effort we believe to be the biggest in LPF history.

The membership committee has a new volunteer coordinator that is helping to get volunteers
into the effort as soon as possible.

This is where you come in.

None of these things will be effective without your support.

It’s time to get your game face on.

Spreading liberty is person to person effort.

Slick TV ads don’t do it.
Slick Radio spots don’t do it.
Slick print media doesn’t do it.

Only people talking to people can do it.

Now is the time to approach family, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers.
Everyone you talk to is likely to have no idea that the Libertarian party even exists,
let alone what Libertarian ideals are.  Some will have distorted views.  Some will
deride the candidates.

And none of those negatives matter.

Voters are desperately searching for a way out of the old party nightmare, and we have it.

Don’t waste your time arguing and trying to convince the true believers that they are wrong.

Go for those freshly disenfranchised and angry voters looking for a new home.  Those are the
hearts and minds we can win.

Get involved.

Contact your local affiliate: Affiliates
Contact the Gary Johnson campaign:
Contact your senatorial candidates and learn about them.
Contact your region representative: Leadership
Contact national:


by: Charles T. McMillan

An examination of the concepts of Social Justice and how they contradict the very meaning of Social Justice.

Our interconnectedness is more a curse than gift.  On the one hand, individuals from a whole other corner of the world can interact with another. The antithesis of interconnectedness is saturation where the mass of information becomes overwhelming. Along with the celebration of nostalgia, the ability to care about the problems of others has died. Regardless of how connected you are, their problems are not your problems. However, that does not stop others from joining causes they deem important. Enter the Social Justice Warrior (SJW), the most unequivocally worthless creation birthed from the Information Age and the Y Generation.

Unparalleled in their lack of self-awareness, SJWs habitually take up feats of activism that are to the determent of the cause in question. Whether it is a minority group, a conflict on social media, or a topic of entertainment, expect at least a dozen obnoxious opinions making irrelevant points. To the average SJW, what does not matter in the eyes of the majority is so important that they ensure everyone cares about it. These people are so fervent in perpetuating the cause of nothing that they cannot see the irony in how they become a worse enemy.

Anita Sarkeesian, the matriarch of Social Justice, championed the cause for female representation in video games and criticized how other titles handle their women characters.  In addition to gender, race and class are essential to Sarkeesian’s movement.  She believes that straight white middle class men belong to the Patriarchy, the cause of sexism, ableism, and racism and that nonwhites are inherently good.  You can just read a book and see none of these exist in a lawful or cultural sense, but that does not stop SJWs from believing it to maintain the narrative.

The focus on problems that do not exist translates to other aspects of culture.  Cyber bullying has become a mainstream issue because activists are so hurt by words online.  Instead of turning off their computers, SJWs feel they are being physically attacked.  Paranoia drives them to fear for their lives because they are unable to move on.  So offended are these snowflakes by digital text that they see it as abuse.  That is why we have safe spaces and how political correctness has made a resurgence because people are so afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Feminism is not the only philosophy bastardized by Social Justice.  Atheism has been adapted to push worldviews and concepts that contradict its own definition.  When a religious group does something terrible in the eyes of secular Western culture, Atheists who claim to be ethical dismiss such actions as ingrained in their culture, and a result of Patriarchy.  They unintentionally promote dangerous ideologies by turning a blind eye and allowing such acts to persist.

This is where the irony of Social Justice becomes obvious.  Most SJWs think capitalism results in oppression and the only answer is socialism.  While that seems like your usual communist detritus, it comes with a hot pink caveat: Capitalism is regarded as a straight white middle class male concept, a product of the Patriarchy to control women.  To SJWs, the only answer to oppression is female led socialism where they are in control of all aspects of life.  They determine what we say, what we think, and how we act with men as second-class citizens.

Those who think cyber bullying and mean words are actual problems have taken steps to suppress freedom of speech both online and in reality.  Many call for social media to deny users the ability to express themselves.  Even the UN has become involved when an envoy of snowflakes complained about what people say to them on the Internet.  At various colleges, speakers like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannapoulos have been protested because SJWs do not like what they say.  These demonstrations often become violent with dissidents assaulting the speaker’s supporters.

By focusing on issues that do not matter, SJWs overlook real problems.  As Feminists complain about Patriarchy, women in third-world countries are oppressed by an actual Patriarchy ruled by religion and misogyny inherent in culture.  At the same time, SJWs perpetuate these issues by turning a blind eye, and giving them a place to prosper in the West like a cancer of ignorance.

Social Justice is a contradiction.  It preaches equality and forces dangerous ideologies upon a world that is already equal.  As we steer closer to a reality dominated by political correctness, it is our solemn duty to uphold reason against a perceived notion that society is corrupt.  When a girl cries after her parents remove her clitoris, it is not Feminists that will come to her aid, but those who value true freedom and morality.



Charles McMillan is an independent film critic,  video game critic, and freelance writer from Orlando.