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Libertarian Party of Collier County
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Naples, Fla. – Collier County Libertarians took to, Facebook and local television news to urge local commissioners reconsider their vote to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

After Collier County Commissioners voted last week to ban dispensaries for another six months, Collier Libertarians decided to start a campaign to drive reconsideration.

“We are beyond frustrated,” Rob Tolp, LPCC chairman, told the local Fox 4 News. “We are livid over this issue.”

Following the vote, Tolp worked together with a fellow Lee County Libertarian Paul Harper to produce a nearly hour-long video posted to the Facebook group Cannawarriors. They next started a petition to build numbers. Local media began contacting them, increasing publicity. Their petition had nearly 700 responses by Friday.

The LPCC wants commissioners to permanently remove the ban, Tolp said. While commissioners said they would take the issue up again in six months, he said those six months may be too long for some to wait.

“My son-in-law being one, who is 100% disabled from PTSD,” Tolp told Fox 4 News reporter Karl Fortier. “I know from many of my friends, (medical marijuana) helps them greatly.”

In response to the LPCC, Collier County Commissioner Penny Taylor said Collier County residents were free to drive to neighboring Lee County to purchase medical marijuana. “What we’re saying is, we don’t want dispensaries in our county,” Taylor said.

“In essence, Commissioner Taylor said to Collier residents they must not only shell out money for their prescriptions, but also now must be on the hook for the gas money, wear and tear on their vehicles, or added cost for delivery,” Tolp said. “Our Commissioners are actively defying the will of nearly 63% of Collier voters who voted in favor of Amendment 2, an egregious breach of public trust and their personal responsibility to represent all Collier residents.”


For Immediate Release March 17, 2017

Char-Lez Braden, Chair
Libertarian Party of Florida
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Florida Libertarians support medical marijuana bill in Florida Senate

Bradenton, Fla — The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) has come out in support of Florida Senate Bill 614 which would regulate how medical marijuana (cannabis) is distributed throughout the state. While the LPF feels that cannabis regulation should be left to the free market, SB 614 is a step in the right direction to allow Floridians the freedom to choose how to best treat their individual ailment(s) with their doctor .

Char-Lez Braden, Chair of the LPF said today, “Florida voters have spoken very clearly on this issue and the Florida legislature needs to get out of the way. Patients desperately need this medicine. Each day Florida politicians delay passage of these regulations, is another day thousands of Floridians continue to suffer in pain.”

This past November 2016, over 71 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 2 to expand the use of cannabis to a greater number of Floridians. It assured the rights of Florida patients to receive safe, legal access through a regulated system. In accordance with Amendment 2, these regulations will be written by the Florida legislature. There are many bills floating around the Florida legislature with a wide array of regulations and the LPF has decided SB 614 is most in line with the intent of Amendment 2 and the most freedom-based of the proposed regulations.

The LPF encourages its members, as well as all Floridians, to contact their state senators to support and co-sponsor SB 614. Floridians can find who their Florida State Senator is via this link: . Floridians can also call Senator Dana Young who is chair of the Senate Health Policy Committee to encourage her to put SB 614 on the agenda for her committee to consider. Her telephone number is 850-487-5018.