Cast Your Vote for the 2020 LPF Convention Theme

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It’s That Time Again!

That’s right! Even though it feels like the LPF 2019 Convention just happened, the LPF 2020 Convention is right around the corner in February 2020!

Things are a bit different this time and we’re focused on listening to our membership more closely this year. The LPF Convention Committee collected a few ideas that we feel would be awesome for the theme of the 2020 LPF Convention… but they’re all so awesome we can’t decide which one to go with!

That’s where you come in!

How it works: Below, you’ll see a poll which includes different themes. With each donation, you can vote for the theme you like the most. In order to add your own theme, you must donate a minimum of $20. The theme with the highest donation total at the end of November wins. There is no vote limit per person. The more you vote (and donate) the better your Convention will be! Your donations help us put together a cost-effective Convention for all LPF Members.

Thank You!

Voting Has Closed

Donation Totals

Check here daily to see total donation amounts for each theme:


Rise of the Underdogs


Pay it Forward Florida!


20/20 – Focus On Liberty


Two parties of BIG government, one party of individual freedoms . . . You decide.


2020 – Let’s Get Even


20/20 – A Clear Vision For Florida


Strategic Vision for 2020


Fiscal Responsibility in 2020


1/3 DEM + 1/3 REP + 1/3 LIB = Negotiation and Compromise




20/20 Vision For The Future


Exactly What Part Of “FREEDOM” Don’t You Understand?


Seeing Florida In 20/20


20/20 – A Future With Vision


2020 – Creating Solutions


2020: Liberty In Motion


Total Raised for 2020 LPF Convention

Donations are limited to $10,000/year per individual. Donations can only be accepted from citizens of the United States of America.

Please send checks to:

Libertarian Party of Florida
c/o Steven Nekhaila, Chairman
2907 Patterson Ave
Key West, FL 33o4o

Include your address, occupation, and employer with your check to fulfill federal campaign finance disclosure laws.

If you have any difficulties related to your donation, contact