Below are the Libertarian Party of Florida candidates that are currently filed to run for office.  If you are a candidate and don't see yourself listed, please email [email protected] and let us know what you're running for.

Grover Bentley
Grover Bentley grew up in Southeastern Kentucky and served in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Now a resident of Palm Bay, Florida, he is running for office to fight against gun control, government surveillance, and drone strikes on American citizens.
Feena Bonoan
Feena Bonoan is a veteran and candidate running for the US Senate. Advocating for fiscal conservatism and social liberalism, she aims to reduce government, empower small businesses, and promote criminal justice reform. Vote Libertarian. Vote Feena Bonoan.
Josh Hlavka
Josh Hlavka, current LPF Chair, is a dedicated father and husband in Hallandale Beach. With over a dozen years in customer service and management, he champions fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and property rights.
Matthew Johnson
Matt Johnson is a steadfast advocate for individual liberty and principled governance, running for Florida State House District 29. He is the current Communications Committee Chair for the LPF, Director at Large 2 and the Chair of LP Volusia County.
Joshua Krakow
Joshua Krakow, Chair of LP Lee County, is running for State House District 77. He works at Single Dads Outreach in Fort Myers. After a life-altering accident & custody battle, he became an advocate for fairer family courts and Libertarian principles.
Eric Montgomery
Region 9 Rep: Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Seminole
Nathan Slusher
Nathan Slusher is a small business owner in North Brevard and the owner of NRAYS LLC. He is an advocate for the people of North Brevard, known for his dedication to government transparency and his active participation in local municipality meetings.
Nathaniel Snyder
Nathaniel Snyder is running for Congress in Florida's 14th district advocating blue-collar values. A single father, he understands the challenges facing working families & special-needs kids. Snyder prioritizes school choice, insurance reform, & veterans.