Committee: Membership

Email Address: [email protected]

Committee Responsibilities

We work on campaigns to increase LPF voter registration, party membership and recruitment of volunteers at the state and county levels. This is done through phone, email, text messages, internet sites and personal contacts.

We also administer the admission to the LPF of voters registered as libertarians by guiding them through its procedures and through their choice of responsibilities they can take on in our party.

And we create reports on voter registration and party membership that show how the growth and demographic makeup of the LPF compares to that of other parties. This is done from state voter registration data and the data accumulated on our customer relationship management system.

We meet on Zoom every other Thursday for about one hour.


Responsibilities Of New Member We Seek

To conduct phone-text-email campaigns from your home, using the voter registration list, to encourage voters registered to vote as Libertarian in counties with no affiliate to: (a) attend a county affiliate organizational meeting, and (b) join the LPF.

The phone call is done first. During the conversation, the people called are asked if they would like to consider the two activities mentioned above, to and receive an email explaining them and a text message with links to our website.

You will be provided with the tools and training to do this. The principal tool is a spreadsheet with the complete information of libertarians registered to vote in a county and with (a) a text of what to say on the call, with some flexibility, (b) spaces to record the result of the call, (c) a report that summarizes those results, and (d) and clear titles and instructions.

This activity can be successfully performed if done for an average of 1.5 hours per day, spread over one month, for each county. It is also a great experience for improving ones verbal delivery and ability to persuade. It has already been successfully used to get groups of people in two counties to meet to start a new affiliate, and has added 17 members to the LPF. Having a second person working at this will be a great addition to the growth of the Libertarian Party of Florida.