Libertarian Party of Florida Congratulates Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat on Securing Presidential and Vice-Presidential Nominations

Hallandale Beach, FL – [29 May 2024] – The Libertarian Party of Florida proudly congratulates Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat for their successful nomination as the Libertarian Party's candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. This dynamic duo brings a wealth of experience, a dedication to individual liberty, and a commitment to principled leadership that is poised to resonate with voters across the nation.

Chase Oliver, a passionate advocate for civil liberties and economic freedom, has demonstrated his unwavering dedication to libertarian principles throughout his career. His grassroots activism, combined with his clear vision for a freer America, makes him an exceptional choice to represent the Libertarian Party in the 2024 presidential race.

Mike ter Maat, an accomplished economist and policy expert, complements Oliver's candidacy with his deep understanding of fiscal responsibility and governance. As the vice-presidential nominee, ter Maat's expertise and steadfast commitment to reducing government overreach will play a critical role in the campaign's efforts to promote liberty and justice for all.

“I am thrilled to see Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat at the forefront of our party’s national ticket,” said Josh Hlavka, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. “Their dedication to advancing the cause of liberty, reducing the size and scope of government, and protecting individual rights aligns perfectly with our party’s core values. I believe that their candidacy will inspire and mobilize libertarians and freedom-loving Americans across the country.”

The Libertarian Party of Florida is committed to supporting Oliver and ter Maat as they embark on this historic campaign. Their leadership offers a compelling alternative to the two-party status quo, emphasizing personal freedom, limited government, and peace. As the campaign progresses, we encourage all Floridians to join us in championing the cause of liberty and working towards a brighter, freer future for our nation.

For more information about the Libertarian Party of Florida and our efforts to support Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat, please visit or contact Josh Hlavka, Chair.

About the Libertarian Party of Florida:
The Libertarian Party of Florida is the state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. We are dedicated to promoting the principles of individual liberty, free markets, and limited government. Through grassroots activism, public education, and political participation, we strive to create a society where all individuals can freely pursue their happiness in a peaceful and just world.

Josh Hlavka
Libertarian Party of Florida
[email protected]


Josh Hlavka


Josh Hlavka, current LPF Chair, is a dedicated father and husband in Hallandale Beach. With over a dozen years in customer service and management, he champions fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and property rights.