Thank you for registering as a libertarian in Florida. We hope that you are ready to take the next steps. That would be (a) joining the LPF, which is easy and free, and (b) volunteering to help us bringing libertarian principles to government.

Most of us work 4 to 6 hours per week from home and communicate by phone or video conference.

You do not have to be an LPF member to volunteer to help and attend meetings. But you do have to be a member to vote on resolutions at those meetings.

We need people with a variety of talents to accomplish our mission. You can select to join the efforts that fit your personal talents and inclinations. To help make libertarian principles become a reality you can take one or more of these actions:

If you are interested in discussing how to advance the libertarian cause by joining the LPF and volunteering to one or more activities, please send email to [email protected]. If you would like to discuss this by phone or Zoom, include your phone number and available times.




Local County Affiliates


The LPF county affiliates are grouped into regions lead by a Regional Representative, but not all counties in all regions have an affiliate.

If you choose to promote the libertarian cause at your county affiliate, click on this link to find your county name, Then, if your county is in black on the map, click on the county name on the left to get the email address of the County Chair and ask for information about where the local party meets.

If your county does not have an affiliate and you are interested in starting one: See find your county's region number (N) and email to [email protected] to request help from your regional representative in starting an LPF affiliate in your county.  Forming a county affiliate starts with creating its Executive Committee, which requires a minimum of three people.  We may be able to find the other two people for you. 


LPF Committees


Affiliate Support Committee
Assist Existing Affiliates and Help Create New Ones

[email protected]

Responsible for advising and assisting the Libertarian Party of Florida Secretary, Directors At-Large and Region Representatives on all matters related to the LPF’s county affiliates.

Aims to develop consistent policies, procedures, training manuals and documentation, plus recommends organizing new county affiliates, active county affiliates and Region Representatives. Also identifies and documents best practices to improve county affiliate operations and coordinates its work with the Rules Committee.

Audit Committee
Audit Contributions, Expenditures and Financial Reports

[email protected]

Ensure the proper reporting of LPF contributions and expenditures, while providing oversight
of the LPF Treasurer position, plus accounting and budgeting support to the LPF and its committees.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to: (a) working with QuickBooks reconciliations, (b) providing quarterly profit and loss statements of LPF committees, (c) reviewing FEC reports, (d) assisting the Treasurer with selection of yearly auditor, and (e) creating and maintaining documentation on best practices.

Candidate Committee
Select, Train and Support Candidates

Work across every local Florida affiliate party to identify, vet and communicate with candidates and prospective candidates. Then: (a) direct and prepare potential candidates for review by the Selection Committee, (b) offer them candidate training for campaigns, social media, fund raising and public speaking and (c) give them guidance on Florida elections, campaign laws and the Florida Constitution.

Communications Committee
Promote Party Growth by Facilitating Communications

Promote the state party to grow membership, candidates, activism and Libertarian
issues using our website, social media, email as well as traditional grass roots mediums.

Develop and implement plans to facilitate two-way communications between the LPF, its county affiliates and other interested parties.

Function as the distribution channel for LPF press releases and perform to other communications tasks, as the Executive Committee may delegate from time to time.

Convention Committee
Help Organize Our Convention

Work on the plans to host an annual convention and Business Meeting for the Libertarian Party of Florida that provides attendees with information, training and motivation to grow their affiliates and run campaigns; while creating a productive meeting environment to help strengthen the party moving forward.

Fund Raising Committee
Raise Funds for the Libertarian Party of Florida

The committees' duties include planning and conducting fundraising campaigns and growing the breadth and depth of the party’s donor base. We accomplish this by helping plan and implement creative, cost-effective fundraising methods, informational materials and merchandise for the party, working with the Communications and Convention Committees.

Legislative Action Committee
Track, Influence and Propose Bills at the Florida Legislature and Local Governments

We evaluate the Florida Legislature activities and propose action from the perspective of the LPF Platform and its goals.

When the Legislature is in session, we: (a) review and report on bills and constitutional amendments to bring this information to Florida voters, (b) review, summarize and draft LPF policy on proposed state legislation, (c) identify the bills that are damaging to our freedoms and those that enhance them, (d) recommend to the Executive Committee whether to support or oppose each reviewed measure, (e) track changes made to the bills through the committees and (f) encourage people to contact representative and senators to voice their opinions on the proposed legislation.

When the Legislature is not in session, we: (a) contribute to writing legislation, (b) identify senators and representatives who favor or oppose liberty legislation and (c) find and support suitable replacements for those who oppose it.

Upon request from county affiliates or LPF political candidates, the committee may also review proposed and current local ordinances and charters and provide advisory opinions.

Membership Committee
Attract Libertarian Voter Registration, LPF Memberships and Activists

 [email protected]

We work on campaigns to increase LPF voter registration, party membership and recruitment of volunteers and candidates at the state and at the county affiliate levels. We do this through phone calls, text messages and email campaigns, internet sites and other contacts.

We also guide new members through the process of choosing the role they can play in in our party.

And we create reports on voter registration and party membership data that show how the growth and demographic makeup of the LPF compares to that of other parties. This is done from voter registration data and the LPF membership data in our computer system.

Platform Committee
Help Update Our Platform

We clearly present the principles and ideas of liberty to which our party subscribes, consistent with unifying the party and clarifying its direction. And we present a list of proposed Platform changes to a membership vote at our annual convention.  If you are already an LPF member, you can suggest a change to our Party Platform here: Suggest a Change.

Rules Committee
Contribute to Our Party Constitution and By-Laws

[email protected]


Our task is to interpret the LPF Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules, and suggest amendments to them to a membership vote at the Annual Business Meeting. We also propose to the Executive Committee any needed editing of the Constitution and Bylaws for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors that do not change the current intention of the rules.


Specific Activities


Examples of activities may be performed in one or more committees or county affiliates.

Phone Banking. Calling, texting and emailing voters to remind them to vote for libertarian candidates, invite people to local libertarian events, solicit contributions, encourage libertarian registered voters to join the LPF, become active in it or participate in other libertarian activities.

Canvassing. Going to shopping centers, door to door or public events to distribute libertarian literature and/or generally familiarize people with libertarian principles and policies.

Outreach Events. Organizing events where libertarians speak publicly or individually to the attendees or going to an existing events to distribute libertarian literature from behind a table and engage people with tools like the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Writing Content. Writing pro-libertarian content for social media, websites, pamphlets and speeches.

Back Office Work. Entering data in our systems, writing computer language code, managing a website, managing the logistics of meetings and conferences, editing our party rules and more.

Petitioning. Attending legislative bodies and government agencies to petition for actions or regulatory changes that advance individual freedoms by following libertarian principles.

Issue Advocacy. Writing, speaking or campaigning for a particular issue that helps advance libertarian principles, like school choice, business deregulation or civil liberties.