Once again, the party that claims to stand for limited government are actively attacking freedom of speech.  Last week, Florida State Senator Jason Brodeur filed SB 1316, regarding information dissemination.

This bill is a blatant violation of the first amendment. Requiring a blogger to register with the State or pay a fine for writing about an elected official goes against the very fabric of freedom. Those on the right would cheer this bill on because it’s another way to “own the left.” They don’t stop to realize how this could and absolutely WILL be used against them should the left ever regain majority in Florida. As Libertarians, we see this for what it is, a dangerous attack on freedom of speech.

This bill cannot be allowed to pass and be signed into law. We need everyone to call your representatives in Tallahassee and urge them to vote no.

The Libertarian Party of Florida works overtime to protect your freedom of speech against government overreach such as this bill. Help us fight the war against the first amendment with a contribution by donating today!

Matthew Johnson


Matt Johnson is a steadfast advocate for individual liberty and principled governance, running for Florida State House District 29. He is the current Communications Committee Chair for the LPF, Director at Large 2 and the Chair of LP Volusia County.