June 1, 2020

Contact: Steven Nekhaila,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida
[email protected]

Key West –

As most Florida businesses are opening the exception remains bars and night clubs serving alcohol. According to the market research organization IBISWorld, this impacts more than 3,000 Florida businesses which remain closed. Thousands of bar owners, waitstaff, bar staff, cooks, accountants, vendors and landlords are still out of work, denied incomes.

The Libertarian Party of Florida condemns this action. We see no evidence SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the COVID-19 illness) attacks establishments serving alcohol but not those which don’t. This is unfair and unequal treatment under the law since all businesses can practice social distancing and other safety policies.

Social distancing steps recommended by the CDC can work without denying Floridians their income and livelihood. You’ve already heard those steps many times: keep your distance from others, wear gloves and maybe a mask, wash your hands, and if you’re sick stay home. Those rational steps clearly contribute to emerging successes in South Korea, Japan and Finland. People who are now getting medical care before it becomes life-threatening. Mortality rates show signs of leveling as a result.

As peace-loving and educated folks, Libertarians everywhere in the world believe in informed free choice and responsible free will. Virtually all Libertarians do “the right thing” in this outbreak by approaching it as a medical safety issue, not a societal problem. We wash our hands, maybe wear gloves and masks to protect ourselves, our families and our friends, along with our business associates and customers. And yes, we want to make those choices ourselves without draconian government intrusion.

The LPF calls on Gov. DeSantis to allow all businesses to open and let Florida function again. Thousands of Floridians need to get back to work and should not be denied the opportunity of earning an income just because of their career choices.


– By Macy John, Staff Writer