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Rise Up And Be Heard Libertarians!


“Rise Of The Underdogs” Was The Most Popular Theme In Our LPFCon 2020 Theme Contest Which Generated A Total Of More Than $1,700 In Donations. “Rise,” Which Generated $650 Alone, Was Submitted By LPF Chairman Steven Nekhaila. So Let’s Get Going And Make It Happen!


Nekhaila Calls For New Vision In 2020

Before this week’s Libertarian Party of Florida Convention, we sat down with LPF Chair Steven Nekhaila for an inspiring interview. Nekhaila shared a clear vision for advancing Libertarian goals during Convention, and right on through this election year.

For the convention, Nekhaila wants everyone to leave feeling “passionate and a part of something important.” He plans to “knock the business meeting out of the park,” that is, to minimize friction so focus can turn to recruiting new committee members.

When asked about his overarching goals and vision statement, Chair Nekhaila talked about the need to unite the party with a clear mission. “I wanted to create a timeline of challenging, but achievable goals. We need great, active committees, a solid support network and a common mission that will bring us together.” Nekhaila used his expertise as a successful entrepreneur to create a vision statement that contains many clear and specific objectives to include the re-election of 20 public officials and the appointment of 20 public officials to local boards. His entire vision deck can be viewed here.

Finally, Nekhaila talked about taking full advantage of technology to give our people the tools to succeed. One example is the free, open-source learning management system known as Moodle. “One of our largest problems has been lack of institutionalized knowledge. When I took over as treasurer, all I was given was a bunch of loose leaf papers. It was very difficult to take over and comply with the law, so I had to spend a lot of time doing research. Moodle will allow us to create guides for all of the various processes.” Another tool Chairman Nekhaila to implement this year is CiviCRM, a customer relationship management platform, to help us organize, stay connected to members and potential members, and better manage all of the party’s relationships and interactions.

As a successful entrepreneur and now the LPF Chair, Steven Nekhaila has used his experience and leadership ability to establish a clear vision for marshaling the diverse talents of the LPF. He wrapped up our chat with this: “The LPF is one of the largest LP affiliates. We have a great track record and a great strategy that other state affiliates are adopting. We will continue to make a difference on the local level, electing non-partisan candidates while our campaign managers and teams gain experience for the next run. The LPF will elect candidates, affect policy, and work toward our ultimate goal — TO CREATE FREEDOM!”

by Paul Moscarelli, Staff Writer

Roundtable Discussion: Candidate’s Committee

Candidate’s Chair Jim Turney Joined Us Recently To Share His Notes On How To Get “LPF” In Office

Three Things You Should Do Now!

  1. Go to your city and county board meetings occasionally.
  2. Visit meetings of local civic groups and join at least one.
  3. Apply for appointment to local citizen advisory boards.

These offer chances to build relationships and learn the process so you’ll be ready for action…to hold office or help someone else get elected.

We Are A Political Party, So Let’s Act Like It!

~ ~ ~

How To Hold Local Public Office Without Winning An Election!

Both your city and county have numerous citizen advisory boards appointed by local elected officials who often have difficulty finding someone to serve.

Serving on these boards is a great learning experience and often have more influence than elected officials. Usually members get annual Sunshine Law and public records training and sometimes have to file financial disclosure forms, just like elected officials.

You meet people that become valuable relationships.

It’s an honor to serve and it looks good on your resumé: great preparation for a future candidacy!

~ ~ ~

Call For Candidates

Are you ready to run? Time is running out!

Are you considering a campaign for public office? Contact the LPF Candidate Committee for help deciding what office fits you best and what you can do now to prepare for a campaign, even if you haven’t yet decided to be a candidate. Contact us before you file!

LPF Survey

In December, DAL2 Davie Parrish produced a survey to determine the interests of both LPF Members and the general public.

“I wanted to give the party members a chance to let us know how we’re doing and what we can do to be better,” says Parrish. “In the coming year, we plan to extend our outreach often to assure all our members have a voice.”

You’ll find the results here.

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