We are pleased to share the following list of Floridian Libertarians running for office in 2023 and 2024.

David Agosta is a first-time candidate for Callaway Commission. He promises to bring transparency and fiscal responsibility to the dais.

Grover Bentley is another reason why Brevard County LP is one of the fastest growing county affiliates in Florida. Bently is running in one of the few legislative seats without an incumbent in 2024.

Commissioner Jim Turney of Altamonte Springs is expected to announce his re-election campaign soon. This would be his fourth term in office. Turney has been a champion of cannabis and clean water for decades.

Joshua Krakow from Lee County is a champion for the rights of fathers and reforming the court system to make fathers’ rights matter again. We will certainly see more of Krakow on this issue.

Juana de la Cruz is a first-time candidate for Minneola Council. She has experience on civic boards and is following our Operation First Step sequence of gaining experience before running for office.

Nathan Slusher is running for Brevard County Commission this year. He has already served a year as chair of the growing Brevard County LP affiliate. He also ran for local office last year and became a stronger advocate for criminal justice reform and free speech by challenging the Brevard County Sheriff.

Ralph Groves is a retired army major and Iraq War veteran. He is also the former chair of the Orange County LP affiliate. He brings an immense amount of experience and credibility to his run for U.S. Congress.

Ronald Tracy Robison is a dynamic candidate who recently ran for Jacksonville City Commission. His mission is to represent the Libertarian Party to the Black urban community of Duval County. This mission is routinely mentioned by Maj Toure, gun rights and self-defense champion for Black Guns Matter.

Hector Roos


Region 14 Rep: Miami-Dade, Monroe