Dear Fellow Libertarians,

As Chair of the Memorial Subcommittee for the 2024 National Libertarian Convention, our committee’s purpose is to pay tribute to the remarkable lives of those libertarian activists who have left us 2022 to the present.

We invite you to join us in this honorable undertaking by sharing your memories, photos, videos, affiliate obituaries, or stories of these cherished individuals to [email protected]. By doing so, you contribute to the tapestry of their lives and help preserve their dedication for generations to come.

  • Becky Akers
  • Bob Bowman
  • Bob Roddis
  • Brian Wright
  • C. Robert “Bob” Wilson
  • Christopher B. “Chris” Garvey
  • Craig Sherar
  • David Theroux
  • Donald Reid Deal Sr.
  • Gregory Krikor Dirasian
  • J. Steve Dodds
  • James “JJ” Jensen
  • John Russell Wood
  • Leslie Rose
  • Marc Goddard
  • Mark Gailey
  • Marty Swinney
  • Michael Badnarik
  • Mike Riley
  • Nancy Lord
  • Patrick Michaels
  • Paul Allen
  • Randall Garlington
  • Robert Louis Schlotman III
  • Robert Ross Lowe
  • Ron Vandevender
  • Steven Winter
  • Steven Wynn “Steve” Kubby
  • Tracy Ahn Ryan
  • Walter Grinder
  • Yvonne White Bagwell

If there is anyone else you believe we should consider for inclusion, please do not hesitate to inform us. Your input is essential, and we value your support in commemorating these individuals who embraced liberty with passion and shared its principles wherever they went.

Finally, we extend our sincere appreciation to all those who have shared their heartfelt stories so far. Your participation adds depth and meaning to our memorial, capturing the essence of these influential individuals.


Lisa Gansky
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade
LPF Region Rep, Region 14

Lisa Gansky


Lisa Gansky, LPF Secretary, Columbia MBA. Author of "Amplify Your Impact: Generative AI for Volunteers & Activists."