As part of the July 29th event with Tom Woods, we are proud to announce the kick-off of our Candidate Support program, an ongoing candidate development and support system, particularly practicing Who’s Driving exercise in small groups on a regular schedule. Together with our great candidates, we expect to raise $50,000 before November 2024 towards this overall project.

The goals of this program:

  1. Create a level of reasonable expectations for candidate;
  2. Develop their messaging before they launch their campaign;
  3. Help them build fundraising; and
  4. Get more support for these campaigns.

Graduates of this program will receive a certificate of completion, priority support from the party and especially receive more attention from donors and volunteers.

The future starts now!

For more information about the Candidate Support Program, please contact the Candidates Committee at candidates[at]lpf[dot]org.

Hector Roos


Region 14 Rep: Miami-Dade, Monroe